Problems only festival goers will understand

Getting to the event and out of it: If it is an A-list event then you really need to get to that event as early as when the gates open, but there is no fun being the first one at a concert because it could make you detest concerts altogether.

But if you are the typical Kenyan timer then, you’ll get there late and good luck getting parking if you are using your own transport.

Otherwise, you’ll wait in traffic for years to get to the entrance for the cab to drop you off. Alternatively, you might be forced to alight and walk to the entrance.

It is the same case leaving. Only this time it’s worse because for those that use Uber and such, you might have to wait 3 days to get your ride.

Advice: Don’t be too early, don’t be too late.

The portable bathrooms: Despite how much cleanliness there is about an environment, as long as you have hundreds of people in a controlled environment then we have a problem. Either someone decides to use the whole roll of tissue or now it won’t flush.

Others have sprinklers so you really do not understand how the whole area is now wet when the bowl was really big enough.

Whatever happened to civilization? As if that is not all, there is the queueing bit.

The line is from here to the end of the world and you are left wondering if you really have to use the bathroom or if your bladder will hold for long.

Advice: Go to the bathroom before you leave the house and control your fluid intake if your bladder can’t hold for long.

Queuing (or waiting) for food and drinks: Still on that queuing tip, the rate at which people have to wait in line for anything at the festivals, it should be added as an activity since it takes as much time anyway. Then you get to the front and they have just run out of what you really wanted, so you end up taking whatever there is and hating how it tastes because your taste buds won’t cooperate with your growling stomach.

Advice: Line your stomach with good heavy food before coming to the concert, then snacks can help from there.

Preserving battery life: the concert going age is definitely the insta-story and snapchat generation. Decisions have to be made if you are going to use all your battery on giving those at home FOMO or you will use it sparingly for when you need to find your drunk friends at the end of the concert or hail a cab.

Advice: Live in the moment as you will enjoy more, take a few snaps if you have to.

Security: There is not a lot control when it comes to the people that are let into an event, as long as you can afford it. There are those that are there for the party and the ones that eye you as you parade your phone trying to capture the good times.

Which calls for extra care despite letting loose. Then there are those that wait (and even follow you) as you leave the concert to pounce on you and take everything you own.

Advice: Stay alert and walk in packs, especially ladies. You can never be too careful.