Institution of ‘High’ learning: Rampant cases of drug abuse in Universities

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For those fresh out of high school, campus life is the ultimate utopia. A chance to finally be free from the suffocating iron grip your parents maintain at all times. Finally, one gains the freedom to be independent, hang out as they wish and to indulge in earthly pleasures. However, this seemingly glamorous lifestyle comes at a price that is often too high for some to pay.

Young and doe-eyed, many decide to let go and explore your newfound freedom. This often leads to sampling all kinds of available drugs common amongst peers.

Smoke a little weed here, snort a little bit of cocaine there and the next thing you know you’re hooked to the lifestyle and more often than not struggling to keep up financially. Being “bad” is perceived as good looking. There are two categories of drug users, the ballers and the regulars. Lean, a mixture of codeine syrup often mixed with a soft drink, alcohol or simply raw, which is a popular drink of choice for many in the latter that want to have a good high on a budget.

Then there are the former, the wannabes and the ballers that want to kick it up a notch with pricey hard drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and heroine. More and more cases of university students committing suicide, getting into crime and being drawn into the peddling business are on the rise as most students are pressed for cash to keep up with the lifestyle.,

Broke, desperate and hooked, many students begin to slowly sink into the murky waters of mass debt before falling into depression.

Early this year, a male student at a leading university in Nairobi allegedly fell into depression due to the inability to pay his drug debt. According to reports, in a tragic attempt to outrun his debt, he shot himself with his father’s gun. According to our source, the young man who came from a well-to-do family could not account for his extra financial appetite and would get hooked to drugs that he now bought on loans from a fellow student. With time, his debt ballooned and led to a fallout with his supplier.

Once things went south, he is reported to have shot himself with his dad’s piece at their family home leaving a note behind saying that he couldn’t continue facing his financial strains. “He was a quiet guy and shocked many. No one really thought he had turned to drugs,” said our source.

This is not the first incident of drug-related suicide at tertiary institutions. In a case of alleged drunk-driving, another student was involved in a grizzly car accident while returning to school with his school mates. According to yet another source, with the help of his friends, they were able to clear any drugs before the police got to the accident scene. However, his punishment was financial grounding from his religious parents who were not aware of his heavy indulgence. Unable to meet his addictive desires, he fell out with his parents and disappeared from home to stay with his schoolmates at a hostel close to the university and joined a gang.

“Majority of the students join gangs and get into crime where they can easily fund their urges. It is even worse for the ladies who get hooked and have no funds,” confided Sheila Kibore an engineering student.

According to the revelation, drug peddlers are beginning to use sex as a form of payment from ladies who cannot pay hard cash.

“It is easy for a man to join a gang but the ladies who have no sponsors to fund their lifestyle get exploited sexually in order to settle their bills further endangering their health. Cases of drug peddlers soliciting for sexual favours have also been on the rise. We know of ladies who will throw themselves to popular peddlers in exchange for a high,” confessed McShan, a university student.

“The girls are so desperate and have no option but to give in to sexual advances in order to settle for a drug,” he added.

So for the fresh looking university lads and lasses who aspire to stay ‘bad and boujee’, it might not be a smooth ride after all as many try hard to keep up with the seemingly cool lifestyle only to fall into a trap of irreversible vices and addiction.