Why I was expelled from school: 10 things you didn't know about Rankaddah

1. I am a trained, certified and practicing occupational therapist.

2. I am currently single.

3. I am more creative at night.

4. I speak sheng’ more than any other language.

5. I started performing in high school. That‘s actually how I got my name Rankaddah.

6. In Form Two I was expelled from high school because of suspicious activities with a lady.

7. In the streets ladies call me Ranky.

8. Like most Kambas my favourite colour is yellow. Yellow is beautiful.

9. My hobbies revolve around music; going out, listening to music, writing music.

10. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me is, sliding in mud while headed for an interview. My outfit was ruined.

Rankaddah is a Kenyan musician behind songs such as ‘Call On 999’ ‘lIovi’, ‘Tukumalisia’ (featuring Naiboi) and ‘Tingika’ (featuring Naiboi).