Top model photographer Kevin Buo keeps it simple with a Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli

Arguably the best model photographer in Nairobi, Kevin Buo is known for his simple lifestyle and reserved shy personality. And this seems to trickle down to what he prefers riding

Pulse: What make is your car?

Buo: It is a Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli – which happens to be the most powerful Golf GTI. It has a good sporty look and an awesome interior.

Pulse: Why this particular car?

Buo: It is very pocket friendly; in both fuelling and maintenance. It also didn’t cost me a lot to purchase. It is also simple.

Pulse: Have you done any touch ups to it since you bought it?

Buo: Yes! I have painted the rims mainly to bring out a beasty look, something I wanted to incorporate to the original look.

Pulse: Simplicity seems to be the theme here?

Buo: Well, I love simplicity. However, this does not mean I have no room for improvement.