The Zest in Zari's nest: Diamond platnumz' mamas fancy queendoms

While others make wishes over candles on a birthday cake, Zari lives it. A gift from her husband Diamond, the socialite lives in a mansion complete with a swimming pool in SA
Looking good is an integral part of personal style. From designer bags to designer perfumes a walk in closet is akin to a sports car to a man
What better way to spend an idyllic weekend than to take tea outdoors?
To quench her minimalist need, Zari keeps another one of her chill spots clean with a grand chandelier for a modernist touch
For a more spiritual kind of luxurious comfort she eliminates clutter with no cushions on the long necked chairs and a staged eclectic vase on a striking abstract stool
On a hot sunny day the pool is how they cool off
Even while in Tanzania, it is the best or nothing. To get around she rides in her expensive machines
For her beautiful kitchen it is characterized by warm colours and must have appliances offering functionality