Vera's other back yard

When it comes to the art of luxury, Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is on a level of her own. She prides herself as an interior designer with a keen eye for style and readily admits to decorating her own house. Here is a look at one of a kind mansion that Vera Sidika calls her home

1. The front yard

Big enough to park a couple of cars, the front area of her house is quite expansive and gives a spectacular view of the mansion.

2. The living room area

Here she incorporates different shades of grey on the wall as well as for her furniture, giving it an elegant finishing. She has beautiful curtains to match, a shiny styled lamp and yellow throw pillows to add some tinge of colour to the setup.

3. The dining area

The dining area is quite exquisite. It is an intimate setting with five beautifully styled seats and a crystal chandelier hanging above to add to the mood.

4. The closet

What use is a mansion without a walk in closet? Perhaps the biggest envy of her house, the closet is donned with some of the most beautiful shoes we can only dream of owning. It is quite a colourful space with varieties of pink, yellow and blue not escaping the eye.

5. The bedroom

The bedroom is often the most important part of the house as it offers some good rest after the day's shenanigans. Here Vera Sidika has a majestic white bed, a simple bedside lamp and a gorgeous white and golden home phone conveniently positioned by the bed.

6. The patio

The mansion is clearly situated in a leafy suburb, something you can tell from the green patio where she likes to take a lot of her pictures. Here she has some beautiful flower pots next to the railing, making the area quite a beauty.

7. The backyard

The backyard dons well-manicured grass and is the perfect place to rest and enjoy some light reading due to its airy feel.

8. The balcony

To top it off, Vera Sidika has a balcony overlooking the serene environs of her house. It has beautiful silver railings and a perfect view of adjacent trees and leafy neighbourhoods.