Burned Bridges: KOT enraged by Burna Boy’s poor performance

Nigerian fans have remained supportive of their own, even asking him not to respond to “peasants”. Burna Boy stated that he couldn‘t get a flight to leave the country when he wanted to and these “peasants” were his entertainment till he left.

Nigerian artiste Burna Boy has been in Kenya before and every time he comes back, he‘s sure to leave a bitter taste in people‘s mouths because of his attitude. In 2014 when he came to Kenya for Coke Studio Africa, he refused to eat Kenyan food and demanded that he be taken to a restaurant where they served something called “fufu”.

Over the weekend, the Nigerian star was scheduled to shut the party down at Privee, Westlands, at an event publicised as a concert. Fans were not impressed by his performance and they made sure the feedback was loud and clear.

Burna Boy arrived at the venue at around 3:10am and appeared to be a little intoxicated. Instead of issuing an apology by ensuring that his fans got their money‘s worth by putting on a killer show, his performance wasn‘t up to par and he was on stage for less than an hour.

Knowing Kenyans on Twitter and how quick they are to react and speak up on issues that affect them, a couple of angry revellers who were at the show (and some who weren‘t) called Burna Boy out for the average performance and his bad attitude. Burna Boy was unfazed and responded with no chills. Blogger and Hero FM radio presenter Alex Mose tweeted that he no longer plays Davido on his show (based on his poor performance in 2015) and now Burna Boy has joined that list. Burna Boy was quick to respond with a clapback, saying that he and David could buy his “dead” radio station and turn it into an “ash tray”.

Another Twitter user tweeted that “prophets are not recognized in their own home” and Burna Boy responded with “In your case add ‘or anywhere else’.”

Musician AntoNeosol has been at the front line, calling out Burna Boy and even labelled him a “diva”.

Radio presenter G Money, however, stated that the Nigerian singer wasn‘t in Kenya to perform adding that the said show was supposed to be a celebrity meet and greet

— but it was marketed as a concert.

Some Kenyans have defended his performance, saying that it was really great, with a KOT member saying that “big artistes” rarely perform at clubs; they‘re paid to show up, hug people and dip and that if Kenyans wanted a real performance, they should wait for an actual concert.

Burna Boy approved of this with a retweet, saying that he had spoken some real sh*t.

He had been trending on Twitter over 24 hours after his performance and his remarks which has led to a #BurnaBoyBlockChallenge because of how rapidly he has been blocking Kenyans on Twitter, including Kiss 100‘s Twitter account.

In May, Burna Boy heads to New York for a performance on May 6th.