David the Student:Chantelle is a good friend, nothing romantic

Churchill Live comedian David the Student Photo: Courtesy

Churchill Live comedian David the Student has vehemently denied rumours that he has an eye for beautiful actress and singer Chantelle, rumours that Chantelle’s celebrity husband J Blessing also dismisses as immature talk.

“Chantelle is just a good friend of mine. Nothing like that has ever happened between us,” the comedian told Pulse.

The rumours started following a tip off from a source at Churchill Live that David the Student and J Blessing, whose production company records the show, were not in good terms over personal differences. “We took our differences to Churchill (Dan Ndambuki) himself who told us to go and solve our personal differences elsewhere away from the show. The bottom line is that Chantelle and I have nothing to do with anything beyond friendship,” David the student went on.

“Are you kidding me? There has never ever been anything between him and I. I am telling you, never!” Chantelle told Pulse in a phone interview.

“Just evaluate whether this story is true or not. Call me when you have something else to ask,” J Blessing dismissed the whole hullabaloo

...so can the accuser please stand up!