Awinja: I am taken

Jacky Vike aka Awinja Photo: Courtesy

No one saw it coming. No wonder, everyone was caught flat-footed when popular radio host and celebrated actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja took to social media to reveal that she is pregnant.

From leading celebrities to fans, thousands rushed to her Instagram page to view the pregnancy photos with many offering congratulatory messages.

“I have never had a photograph get so many views on Instagram all my life. This shocked me. Since, my phone has been ringing endlessly as friends give me congratulatory messages,” Jacky, a happy-go-lucky social girl whom many love for her simplicity told Pulse when we reached her for an interview. As we get started, she smiles and offers a hearty laugh, then teases: “Did you see this coming?”

“No, not at all. When did you plan this,” we respond. An animated laughter follows. One who has managed to keep her private life just that, Jacky has been dating the father to her soon to be born child for close to five years. This is the man of her dreams, the man she now calls her husband.

“The truth is that we have been dating for a long time and have been talking about getting a baby. Personally, I was looking forward to getting pregnant this year but as things would turn, this came early. He (her lover) has been looking forward to us getting a child and just like I, he is very excited,” Jackie, glowing with joy, tells us.

“I got pregnant last year at the end of September and as much as it is something we both wanted, when I got tested and confirmed that I was actually having a baby, I cried as I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. “I got worried that this would affect my career especially due to the timing which was during the time when we get many jobs as entertainers. I was worried that the morning sickness during the first trimester would affect me but fortunately, that did not happen,” she reveals.

Jacky says that she kept the pregnancy a secret as her mother, whom she describes as “the traditional type” did not want her to go loud about it. Better even, her belly did not become big until she was six months heavy.

“It is not that I was hiding but the truth is that my mother did not want me to go loud about the pregnancy. My mother is the old-school type and with this, I only revealed this to a few people like Naomi Ng’ang’a who is my designer. I mean, could I even hide this from the person who tailors my clothes,” she teases.

Exclusively, the actress tells Pulse that together which her media-shy lover, they have been living under one roof since they performed the traditional marriage early last year.

“Our relationship is official and our families are in the picture as we are considered married since we performed the traditional marriage. We had a small family and friends event where all this took place. About a Church wedding, that might have to wait a bit as we are using the finances we have on other developments,” remarks Jacky.

“I am not about to introduce my man to the media as we have an arrangement that our private life should just be left like that. But I can tell you that we have been having a good relationship, complete with the ups and downs that face every couple. At some time we even separated and I got hooked to someone else but as fate would have it, love brought us back together.”

Asked about the sex of the baby, Jacky responds: “We will get to know that in April (next month) when we find out from the doctor. The fact is that I am excited at becoming a mother as this will open a new chapter in my life. I want to be the best mother and I want to offer my child the best life,” she concludes.