The reason why Chipukeezy quit radio and went to America

1. Why I quit radio...

For me, it was about time. When I joined radio, I was completely naive, coming to Nairobi from Ukambani where I grew up all my life. I got culture shock when I got to Nairobi but I quickly adapted to life and became a brand through the Churchill Live TV show. I left Kiss because I felt like it was time to shift gears in my showbiz career. See, I am more of a comedian who is growing his own brand than a radio presenter and at the beginning of this year I promised myself that I will take the risk and follow my dream.

2. My experience with Caroline Mutoko

I think the opportunity and experience Caroline Mutoko gave me by getting me the radio job is the best thing I have ever gotten. That is why I wrote a love letter to her as I was leaving narrating the love affair we have had over the last years I have been working for Kiss FM. Caroline got me from Mlolongo when I was wearing slippers and brought me to Westlands where I have been working with the celebrated presenter Lynda Nyangweso, the likes of Jeff Mote among others. She gave my career a jump start. From here, I started spreading my wings and now I am flying.

3. What I will miss about radio

First of all, allow me also to thank Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill, the father of comedy in Kenya. Besides being a good mentor in comedy, he is a prolific radio presenter and I really borrowed a lot from him. I will miss my fans and the entire Kiss FM family. They were my life.

4. Why I am working with Eric Omondi

Before Eric and I embarked on our Coming to America - or should I call it Coming from Africa- tour, we laid down a business plan on how to work our comedy careers to the next level. Eric and I almost share the same vision on how to make African comedy appeal to the entire world and so we are pooling our efforts together to realise this. The whole bush man look borrowed from The Gods Must Be Crazy film is a good entry point because that makes us get easily recognised as those crazy comical boys from Africa. We are representing the entire continent, not just Kenya.

5. On touring

The American tour is the first major project I am doing in my entire comedy life. I have had successful shows across Africa; Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania having been the big ones not forgetting the big following I have at home. I have put every energy, coin and hope in this tour.

6. States visiting

We are visiting a number of States during this tour. Basically, we are breaking the ground on what will be great tours to come later in the year. We are having meetings with major events’ organisers here in the United States as we host events where we have been entertaining fans especially those who have been following our shows back at home. We also plan to shoot short firms and skits that will go on air soon.

7. On my YouTube TV show

The YouTube TV show is my personal TV show that I am using to air most of the content I generate. I interact more with my thousands of online followers through the show. It is gaining momentum and through this new venture, it can only get better.

8. On getting married

I want to respond to this because everyone has been asking. I love the thought of marriage. In fact, my people back at home are so ready. So are you ready for a married Chipukeezy?