Avril: I am not dating Dennis Oliech

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It was the most fancied couple in the making and when news broke that Avril and her media-shy South African boyfriend Leslie Mugadza had parted ways, it was almost unbelievable. What a heartbreak!

Months down the lane, Avril has been keeping away from paparazzi for fear of scrutiny. Her close friends too say that she has become scarce. However, from a hidden eye, Pulse has been following her after rumours emerged that she broke up with her fiancé for footballer Dennis Oliech. Now we have her telling the truth.

“I have also heard the rumours about the pregnancy but they are baseless. Do I look pregnant...Do I?” she asks when we get down to this interview.

“There is fascination Kenyans have of me being pregnant. I don’t understand why. The rumours were fuelled by a photo I posted on my social media pages towards the end of last year, where I was looking heavily pregnant.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not pregnant. It was a prank. Actually, the photo was taken from a movie set I’ve been featured on and in the roles I was playing I had to portray a pregnant lady,” she explains.

In the recent past too, a number of Kenyan blogs have been awash with stories that the singer has been dating former Harambee Stars striker Dennis Oliech and that the said “pregnancy” could have been his.

Laughing it off, Avril says that sometimes it could be easier for people to judge her with the people she keeps around than by getting to know what she really was.

“I am not dating Dennis. He is one of my best friends from way back. We’ve been friends for over six years now. I knew him before I met my ex and we are always hanging out together,” she notes.

Laughing it off, Avril says that sometimes it could be easier for people to judge her with the people she keeps around than by getting to know who she really was.

Last year, Avril served one of the juiciest headlines in Kenyan showbiz, when she sensationally parted ways with her South African boo Leslie Mugadza.

The two had dated for a couple of years and many people were waiting for their nuptials. However, that was never to be as the romance hit rock bottom and they both opted to pull the plug on their relationship.

Following their break-up, word started making rounds that infidelity was allegedly the root-cause of their problems. But was it?

In February 2016, photos of Mugadza spending Valentine’s Day with Namibian beauty and 2013 Big Brother Africa winner Delish Mathews went viral and sparked fresh rumours that the couple had split.

But even with the exposure of the photos, the South African denied accusations of cheating on Avril.

“Yes we parted ways early last year and for me it was one of those moving on situations. I have moved on from it. I am stronger and wiser now because of all the things I went through last year,” she says.

“This is the journey of life. Life had different destinations for the two of us. Unfortunately, our journey was colliding. We ended the relationship.”

Even then, Avril says the two of them are still in talking terms.

“We are still very amicable, we talk, we have conversations once in a while and I am not that kind of a person to come out and start sayings things that are not true. Just like other human beings, we broke up and life goes on,” she sums up.