How radio presenter Mbusi’s petite physique shocked President Uhuru

When Mbusi met Uhuru

State House is not a place you just wake up and walk into and so when hilarious radio host Mbusi got an invite to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta there, he did not hesitate.

According to sources, the short moment Mbusi spent with Uhuru was a rib-cracking one as Mbusi exchanged jokes with the president, taught him sheng and revealed to him that indeed he has a big family – something that shocked Uhuru, according to our source.

When we reached out to Mbusi for comment, the petite social radio host was all laughter:
“Yes, the president asked me if I had a family and I told him that I am a father of three. He was shocked to hear that. He looked at my tiny body and asked “na hii mwili ndogo hivi? (with this small body?)” before we both burst out laughing,” Mbusi told Pulse.

“I also taught him a few sheng words. At one point he asked me the meaning of ‘kuhololothiwa’ to which I responded that it means having a good time like we were having.