John Kaveke, Kenya’s leading fashion designer likes it raw

John Kaveke and Chef Ali

John Kaveke, Kenya’s leading fashion designer has been at the forefront unveiling revolutionary trends, some of which were showcased last week during the New York Fashion Week. His 2018 fashion trend of his Raw Attitude designs is now out.

About John Kaveke

John Kaveke launched his fashion label in 1999 and is well known for his bold contemporary style. He is a free-spirited individual with a passion for reconstructing vibrations through his work.

His creative designs have been known to bring about individualism, strength and artistry. His major focus is on bespoke but contemporary menswear. He is a graduate of Woodgrove Fashion College in Kenya and Istituto Europeo di Mode in Barcelona, Spain.

His stunning masterpieces have also graced the international platform of fashion week events in London, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria, Mauritius, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Collection name: Raw Attitude

Story behind the collection:

The collection is inspired by the rich Samburu morans (warriors). The transition from raw looks to a classical or contemporary style but still remaining true to the heritage.

The collection follows the true life of a fierce moran that John Kaveke met in Samburu called Lekempe through his transition from the hills to the city. The use of the rich accessories create a blend of his favourite neck pieces that echo throughout the collection.

The colours are inspired by a mix of Samburu heritage and the colours of John Kaveke’s favourite tea blends by Kericho Gold ‘Attitude Teas’. The collection includes three looks from the colour scheme of Kericho Gold’s green, passion and jasmine tea, love tea and hangover tea.

Outstanding model:

Chef Ali Mandhry, as the face of John Kaveke male collection.

Stockist: John Kaveke.