We need more local content on-air, Maliza Umaskini Records boss Sadat Muhindi

Maliza Umaskini Records boss Sadat Muhindi is challenging local film producers and music recording stables to produce more content for consumption on the air-waves.

He is further asking Kenyan broadcasters to support the local entertainment industry by airing more local content saying that even though much has improved, local stations can still do much in their programming.

“In my first 180 days in parliament, I will introduce a bill of which will say that 85 per cent of all music played on radio and TV will be Kenyan and 70 per cent of all TV shows will be local content.

But I also realise that for this to happen we, Kenyans, must produce enough quality music and TV content for consumption and so producers must first work hard to ensure that this happens,” said the philanthropic man who is vying for the Likuyani Parliamentary seat.

Sadat is the man who splashes millions of shillings on gospel singer Papa Dennis’ music videos.