Exit Tanya, enter Mrs Dale: Exclusive photos of Tanya's journey to marriage

1. Behind the scenes, since Sarah Hassan and her boyfriend Martin Dale, announced their engagement, there have been family activities held to formalise their affair. These meetings were secret and private, as were other preparations towards the wedding.

2. Since their engagement in 2015, the two have been away in the United States where Sarah, who became popular for her role in TV drama show Tahidi High, studied and graduated from the New York Film Academy. They returned to the country days before the wedding, everything to do with the big day having been put in place by a hired wedding planner.

3. A week before the wedding, Sarah hit the club hard with her pals who threw her a surprise hen party. The all-night party was held at Kiza Lounge and later, the girls who included actress Mumbi Maina and radio personality Anita Nderu moved to the nearby B Club where they enjoyed music.

4. During the hen party, the celebrated TV girl who has graced continental TV, hosting some of the leading entertainment shows was wearing a short and sexy black and white figure-hugging ensemble. This made her stand out from the bunch of beautiful girls who were all in black.

5. Sources close to Sarah told Pulse that she opted for a small private wedding and together with her fiancé, they settled for a posh Karura forest spot where the big day took place.

6. About 200 guests had been invited among them Sarah Hassan’s former boss and media mogul SK Macharia.

7. Guests were given firm instructions that unauthorised people should not take photos and even phone photography was restricted as heavy security surveillance was employed.

8. Besides family members, the wedding was attended by Sarah’s close friends among them fashionista Silvia Njoki, Sheila Ndinda and Amina Abdi. The team in charge of the media coverage was and is still under contract that none of the footage leaks out.

9. Forget Tanya, this is now Mrs Dale, happily married thereafter. Congratulations guys.