TV star ditches sponsor, actress says she wants one

Photo: Courtesy

A popular TV girl tells Pulse that she is tired of being associated with a powerful and influential man who has been rumoured to be bankrolling her larger than life lifestyle.

Talking to Pulse on condition of anonymity, the hot siren said she makes her clean money through hard work and did not like the way people viewed her. Saying that the man she has been associated with was just a friend, the TV beauty said she had cut links with him and did not want the two to be mentioned in the same breath.

Meanwhile, a leading actress who has played leading roles in a number of local TV drama series and plays says she is tired of waiting for Mr Right. “I am growing too old and I am afraid that at this rate, I might not get a baby. I think I am growing desperate for a man. My arms are now open...even for a sponsor,” she said.