Kilimani Mums Show to rival Nairobi Diaries?

Photo: Courtesy

Kilimani Mums, the private Facebook group, is set to hit your screen soon. The women-only group, which started out as a forum with less than a few hundred members, has grown to become one of the most popular and controversial Facebook pages in Kenya. Presently, it boasts of about 200,000 members.

Now, a few women are all out to make it a fully-fledged TV show. Dubbed Kilimani Mums Show, its set to premiere any time soon as promised by the short trailer released recently. It will see women unite to share their personal journeys, inspire and resonate with their fellow women. “Many women in Kenya are afraid of telling their stories simply because they fear being ostracised, judged or being termed as “not good enough. We are giving these women a chance to freely share their stories, empower, challenge and inspire one another,” says Kilimani Mums.

The show is expected to be a juicy one and it may come as a rival to the socialite-driven Nairobi Diaries show.