Smitta: Snow over Kapsabet

So last weekend it was tyme to go someplace else further than Thika – which, you remember, we did the other weekend. To see what else is out there 4 Pulsers – and the great North Rift was it. Off to JKIA went le Smitten, n there I linked up with Eliphas of Goethe, Khainga Ok of PEN n Prof Chris Wanjala of UoN.

Of course ‘all’ Campus lecturers are on strike, leaving Campo Pulsers to git on by ‘emselves – but the Smiten wonders – How is it, that, year after year, the only song they get to sing is ‘Solidarity Forever’?

Anyway, off we went on Fly 540 with my ole pal the beau pearl called Liz Onyango as le air hostess – n she muss be like the bestest air stewardess in any of the local flights, with that calm easiness n easy smile e’en when we encountered slight turbulence. Lizzy, alone, just worth choosing that airline for!

The Bombadier finally fikad Eldee, n after le landing, were met by Big Bett of Kapsabet Boys, n their English Department HOD. Off we went, straight to the school, where we were received by a giant cheer of 1400 Kap lads. And then gave, each, a talk to this massive assemblage.

But the next day, Sato, would prove to be the real deal – in a harbinger by PEN of watt we hope we’ll be doing with Pulse in a coupla months as we chapa laps around schools in every other county.

Under the hosting of sir Shem Busolo, Dep prinsi of Kapski Boys, a tall n charismatic feller with a dry wit, strong opinions n likeability so there that the timidity of many other tichas touches not his brave soul, Sato became the day we PEN peeps (also joined by German writer Nasrin siege n North Korean Joan Siskundski) embarked on our creative writing tiching to the high school tois. (N here tis smart to remember there waz not a single “A’ in English last year).

Kap PEN prez Emmanuel Baraka, brave Derrick, random dude Kogo, H2o lad Ian Kiplagat, to sista school Kapsabet Gals with teacher Emily, n the lovely Moi Gals led by their unforgettable cool missus Emily Tomno, n St Patrick Iten (home of champions), the creative day of Sato passed by like a tornado.

Of course our oriji school, Mukumu Gals, had travelled all the way from Western.

Lovely Daisy Flowers, Werreson n English master Yucatan. Writing wunderkind Kate as well as their PEN prez Brenda Tendet Cherustar, who is not just a muse to many but already seems to be a young star.

N I met journalism patron Nyoiro Caleb of Rangala Gals (alongside co-pat Caren Obiero) whom I last saw at the odiero Mom’s (Majorie Oludhe McGoye’s) memorial at the Arfa Lounge which I’d organised to honour the ole lady shortly after her passage a couple of years ago.

Then twas evening n time to go chill at Eden Springs hotel, nearby, managed by this cool chap Hosea.

Where Big Bett of Kapsabet came for me and we ended up at SNOW, the only happening club in Kapsabet. It is a floor affair of comfy chairs, a dance floor, good lighting n a deejay with an impeccable feel of watt the crowd wants.

We even gotta migle wit a trio of socialites, there, b4 Bett decided they was up to no good (he waz prolly X on that count) n off I went to the backroom to dilly chat with the owners of the Snow, who just happen to be a trio of the coolest gentlemen ever.

Mayhap I’ll drop their jinas nexta weeka, if I obtain le go ahead ([email protected]) the way I did to drop name one Achiki Nyainda, asst credo manager of Kencom in Nandi (a poz my late ole ladie once occupied, except in Nai).

The last chap I muzz mention is odijo John L of Moi Gals in the kingereza dept, who said every time I wryte about the Liverfools in the o’gazette, he feels like ripping it up. But sasa how dyu saidia poodles, who, on the same weekend some Devos won a tiny o’kombe, could only get Leicester’s Jamie Vardy to rip ‘em a big new buttski? Liverfools, really, are just fulla fertilizer – the kinda that could irrigate an entire ranch in the Great North Rift.