Prezzo cheated on me even after introducing him to my family- Michelle Yola

After parting ways with her rapper boyfriend CMB Prezzo, 'Nairobi Diaries' reality show star and ravishing Nairobi beauty tells it all to BILHA WANJIKU, revealing how Prezzo cheated on her even after their engagement and having been introduced to her family

Michelle Yola Waithera has had a very controversial year. Her on-then-off relationship with rapper CMB Prezzo has caught everyone’s attention and girls wishing they were her

— are spewing hate left, right and centre.

Fanned by the fact that their relationship has always been live on TV for everyone to see the girl who was not used to the spotlight has had to make lemonade from the lemons.

Ever so gracious she laughs at the idea of her being a socialite. “I am not a socialite, I am popular because I was dating Prezzo. Kenyans don’t understand the meaning of a socialite by the way. I am just popular though,” Michelle tells Pulse.

“Naturally, I am a low-key person. I switch my phone off when I don’t have shoots and stay home watching movies all day. It is surprising the kind of image people paint of me,” she remarks.

The talk-of-town actress met Prezzo a little over two years ago.

“We were dating for almost a year before we went public. I met him in our line of work. He wanted me to be a video vixen for his video but I told him off and instead hooked him up with other girls who were interested. I started working with him behind the scenes.

He is so funny and has such amazing energy around people. Before I knew it, we were friends, and then lovers. The love went to the next level and we got engaged. Everything happened so fast,” says the 23-year-old.

Prezzo who has been courted girl drama for the longest time seems to have bagged a girl who really had the hots for him.

“I know all about Prezzo and his past. Age doesn’t mean anything to me and the fact that he is older than me does not matter. I wouldn’t date a guy who is my age. I like older guys as they are more mature and experienced. I am also very mature. That does not mean I can date a 50-year-old though,” she quips.

Michelle Waithera decided to jump into modelling after high school. She readily confesses to being a poor student so after high school she decided to pursue modelling after being signed by a reputable modelling agency.

The model who has been in four seasons of Nairobi Diaries loves working with the show says that everything she brings out in the reality drama show is real and not an act.

“Some people accuse me and Prezzo of faking it. We don’t. Some say that we are very dramatic, but of course we are two huge personalities who are in a real relationship. We fight over petty stuff, and argue like normal couples. I don’t have time to lie,” she says.

“My mum watches the specific episodes that I am on, which is like 10 episodes in a season. She gets invested so much so that she asks me to let her be in the show for an episode so that she will fight off the people who take me as stupid. But I convince her otherwise. My dad, though, believes I am on TV modelling. You know my mum and dad separated when I was young so they don’t watch it together,” she explains.

Michelle says that Prezzo had already made their relationship official and that they even travelled to his home to make it know to his mother that they are an item, that after visiting Michelle’s home.

“Our families approve of our relationship. Like I said, we are already engaged. He has even met my cousins and other close family members. We travelled to Tanzania where his family comes from,” she adds.

However, that was then. Things are different now.

“Well, Prezzo and I are not dating. I broke off the engagement after he cheated on me with another lady. I confronted him and we broke up. In January we met and talked it out. He apologised and I forgave him because he is human and he has his mistakes.

But we also agreed to separate and see how that would go for us. I moved out of his place and we are no longer living together,” Michelle reveals.

“The truth is that everyone thinks we are back together. We meet and talk but that is just about hooking up.

On the Valentine’s Day eve, a mutual friend invited me to a singles’ house party and upon getting there, I found Prezzo. Everyone thought this was our making but it wasn’t. The thing is I am neither with Prezzo nor am I ready for another relationship,” she concludes.