Jaguar sues government agency weeks after resigning

Teetotaller Jaguar is challenging the administering of alco-blow by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in a court case that also targets the offices of the Inspector General of Police and the education ministry.

The matter, which set for hearing on March 21, seeks to have drugs detectors introduced on Kenyan roads as well as schools – doing away with the current alco-blow system where only drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol are arrested and fined.

The celebrated singer argues that NTSA has only concentrated on alcohol users while road users who drive under the influence of other abused drugs go scot-free. He also argues that drugs detecting gadgets should be introduced in schools. This, he reasons will curb the rampant riots in schools that have drug abuse among pupils as a contributing factor.

"The point is for us to have a society free of drug abuse. Instead of NTSA concentrating on drivers driving under the influence of alcohol, I urge that they consider other factors that lead to careless and dangerous driving on our roads like drug abuse," Jaguar told Pulse.