Ne-Yo is the man- Diamond Platnumz

Looking as cool and flashy as they come, Diamond and Ne-Yo ride in a posh open roof car in a spectacular scene taken in Beverly Hills. The two soulful crooners from different worlds have teamed up for a new video, Marry Me, probably the biggest song Africa has seen so far this year.

“When I look at you, I see the air of every Beverly. I see the sun how you shine on me. Nikomzima kwa sababu ya wewe tu...,” a melodious Ne-Yo goes first, his Swahili lyrics crystal clear, you would almost mistake him for a Bongo star.

“And when you talk to me, I hear the angels I can hear them sing. I hear the sound all eternally. How blessed to be your man as much as true,” his amazing soulful voice goes on before picking up the chorus with Diamond.

“I want to marry you...ooh lalala... I want to marry you ooh lalala... I want to marry you...ooh lalala...Aah, twende kwa baba na mama yangu,” the refrain goes, an artistic irresistible masterpiece that has left fans falling in love with Diamond more than ever.

This love song that has pop culture critics believing that it will be the biggest wedding song this year has shifted Diamond to a whole new international level. It is a rare feat by an African artiste and there is no doubt Diamond is turning out to be the music export of our generation. He has raised the bar so high that other artistes have been left puzzled on what to do to catch up with him.

Released at the beginning of this month, Marry Me has since received high rotation on Trace TV, where it was released, and other music channels. On the local club scene, Nairobi is singing and dancing to this awesome tune with radio and club DJs making it their big sell.

This release comes shortly after Diamond signed up with Universal records. It is the first major release in a series of tracks that the celebrated Tanzanian star has lined-up this year.

Not many people know that the African scenes in this film were actually filmed in Nairobi, before the crew headed to Hollywood where the rest of it was captured.

“I chose Ne-Yo for this track because he fits my style of music. I am so happy because I grew up listening to Ne-Yo songs and most of my style is inspired by him so it’s a dream come true for a kid who grew up in a slum area in Tanzania,” Diamond says of the amazing collabo.

“It’s like working with a mentor. It’s like having a dream come true. And the greatest thing is that it was easy working with him. He is a great guy. The chemistry was deep. Ne-Yo is the man,” he remarks.

Sources have it that the song has been play-listed in American stations. Across Africa, the song is blowing up charts especially across East Africa, Nigeria and South Africa.

It has been a great season for the Tanzanian superstar, one that has seen him become a household name across Africa besides gaining global recognition. Is this going to be Diamond’s greatest year yet?