Time will tell if i will marry- King Kaka opens up about his children, baby mamas and marriage

Pulse: A few days to Valentine’s Day you released a new love song. Was this a strategy to get traction for the song during this ‘love’ season?

King Kaka: Not at all. I release songs every other day and it all depends on what I am feeling during that particular time.

Valentine’s Day is there every year, but I don’t necessarily release a new song around that time. This was just coincidental.

P: Was it on purpose to collabo with Pascal Tokodi though?

KK: Tokodi is probably the best vocalist we have around. He’s a very talented guy in the art industry so I simply reached out to him and we agreed to work on the song.

There were no special arrangements or hesitating over it.

P: You are always booked for gigs, Kaka Empire is doing well, you landed a mentorship role on the countrywide Blaze Be Your Own Boss summits and now a judge on BYOB TV show. All these translate to money. Do you have any investments?

KK: I invest a lot. I pump some of it back to the business. Actually, what many people don’t know about me is that I pay myself a salary on 17th of every month. I don’t spend the money I get on luxury or non-essentials.

I don’t want to be out there jostling for space in showbiz by the time I am 40-years-old. The time to get money is now and if I don’t make it while at my peak, when will I? But I have to tell you that I have an incredible team behind all these. It’s has never been a one-man effort.

P: Weeks before the release of Milele, there was a lot of hype that you were finally getting married. Are you?

KK: I will get married when I have to. Maybe it’s soon... who knows.

P: Talking of marriage, are you planning to settle down with one of your two baby mamas?

KK: Maybe (laughs). Time will tell.

P: How exactly is your relationship with them and the kids?

KK: We are cool. We relate well. I play my part as the father to the two girls and I am happy about it. My busy schedule notwithstanding, I always have time for my daughters.

I make sure that I go about my business between Monday and Saturday so that I could be with them on Sunday. Sundays are my family days but I also find some time in between the other days to be with them.

P: How well do you go about playing the role of fatherhood to two children, born months apart by two different mothers?

KK: Like I said, I always manage it. I have to. I don’t have a choice. They all know it and there’s not much hassle in it. I am their father and I do all I can to ensure that my roles as a father are met without hindrances.

A lot of people always ask me how fatherhood is to me and I always tell them that it’s pretty exciting.

P: Back to your music, you said that you will not be performing your other relatively new song Senzenina. Why is this so?

KK: I did this song as a tribute to my brother’s child who passed on last year. The loss really took toll on me. I get very emotional thinking about it, so I can’t really perform this song. I tried it once on live TV about two weeks ago but I couldn’t.

P: Why do you often sing to dead people?

KK: I don’t sing to dead people per se. I sing to their memories. The memories of all those who have gone ahead of us. For me, it’s just therapeutic. It was the same thing when I did Papa and Baadaye with Amos & Josh.

P: Where do you draw all the energy?

KK: It’s all about work. This is what I do. So, if I don’t do it then I am not working. That’s why I have never declined an interview with any journalist, blogger or a media house, because that is my work.