The photo that made Uhuru stop his motorcade in rare emotional gesture

This rare photo of Uhuru with his father made the President stop the motorcade Photo:File

In a rare emotional gesture, President Uhuru Kenyatta stopped his motorcade after he saw one of his supporters holding a poster with his childhood photo. The black and white picture has the President posing next to his late father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. As if thrown back in time, Uhuru stopped, his face that of a man in deep thought. He then gestured at the man with the poster to come forward.

Security officers had a hard time controlling hundreds of supporters milling around the President's motorcade during his meet-the-people tour in Nairobi. Singer Jaguar was forced to weave his way through the crowd to fetch the man and take him to Uhuru.

“I paid the young man Sh10,000 for the photo. The President was moved by the photo. I think it reminds him a lot about him growing up in the mentorship of his father,” Jaguar told MondayBlues.

Asked if he will ask Uhuru to pay him back the cash Jaguar said: “No! Not really. The President is my friend and I took that as a gift to him. It was a big honour for him to let me pay for something he treasurers so much,” he added.