Kenyan stars’ celeb crushes: Vivian has a thing for Redsan

Chipukeezy and Joyce Omondi Photo: Courtesy

Chipukeezy is one of the most admired celebrities in this city. He is social, humorous, has fine looks and at such a youthful age, is making his millions as an entrepreneur.

After he revealed that he had a girlfriend Vivian last year, many were left heartbroken. On the flip side, Chipukeezy admits that at that time he actually had a crush for the beautiful Citizen Kubamba TV show host Joyce Omondi.
"I liked and still like that beautiful lady and can offer anything just to take her out, only that she is now married," the witty radio host tells Pulse of Joyce, his dream kind of girl who got hitched to her Citizen TV colleague Waihiga Mwaura.
"Right now, I have a crush on the Teen Republik host Tracy Wanjiru. That girl is hot. Frankly, I can't explain exactly what I feel for her or why I feel so. Let's just leave it at that," Chipukeezy reveals adding that he just wants to know where he can drop roses for her, if not take her away on a holiday to Jamaica if she does not mind. So there you go Tracy; a hot date awaits!

Vivian has a thing for Redsan
For some time now, Vivian, the Woman in Love charm, has been hoping to catch Redsan's attention (well, every girl has been trying, right?). The dancehall king is hot, let's admit. However if Redsan does not give her a chance, she will try Busy Signal, her other crush.
"I have always wanted to work with these two artistes. I am crossing my fingers big time that we can get something going on this year," says the sexy girl who adds that for a romantic date, her dream date should fly her to Europe.

Vivian and Redsan  Photo: Courtesy

Sheila Kwamboka eying Lynxx from Nigeria
Radio girl Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox would be off the market if Nigerian singer Lynxx came calling. She says it as it is: "I like...if not love... Lynxx from Nigeria. If I got a chance, I would take him to meet my parents."

Heyz: Sanaipei Tande is my crush
After a breakup with his fiancé, the star admits that it has not been an easy path for him and albeit picking her as his all-time crush, we prod him to give us a different personality.
"My crush is Sanaipei Tande because of her voice and figure. Did you see her in Mfalme Wa Mapenzi? That was the day when this crush went to a whole new level and I must admit she comes across as very mature. "
And it is not only Heyz who has something going on for 'Sana'. Antony Owich aka Jameson B.A says since the first time he saw the Mfalme wa Mapenzi singer, he was totally smitten and he is willing to burn his wallet to the Mara to let his feelings count.

Willy Paul wants Diamond's Zari for him
He is been dating on and off, secretly. Now, we know the kind of girl Willy Paul would want for himself; he says that should be Diamond's heartthrob Zari Hassan (do we smell beef?). We always knew that Willy likes Diamond's style of music but we didn't know he would go for the whole package!
"I have a big big crush on Zari. I would take her home to meet my mum given a chance," Willy tells Pulse.

Willy Paul and Zari  Photo:Courtesy

Amos and Josh
Josh on his knees for Mayonde
"My all-time crush has to be Mayonde. Have you heard her vocals? Then her attitude and beauty have a way with me. I love that she is confident in the things she does and that she does them well."
Amos: Good Lord, talk to Joey Muthengi
"My all-time crush would have to be Joey Muthengi. Her voice on radio used to send me chills and these days it's even better because I get to watch her on television and at events. Overall she has an amazing personality and I love that about her."

Weezdom dreaming of Grace Msalame
This talented gospel hit-maker does not beat about the bush about his crush, insisting that he loves some African curves.
"For me, Grace Msalame is just the one, there are no two ways about it. I love her African curves and whenever she presents on television, there is this aura around her that simply takes me away. The fact that she has twins proves that she is a responsible lady which makes it even better. I can't help thinking about her."

Cedo: Venessa Mdee, anytime
Cedo, one of Kenya's top music producer is offering Vanessa Mdee his heart. He dreams that they can both have a romantic and exciting time somewhere in the wild.
"Given a chance, I would take my crush, Vanessa Mdee, out for an exciting experience like bike riding at the Hells Gate then we would engage on something else at night. This girl has the hottest look I know. She also has an awesome killer voice," he says.

Martin: Caroline Mutoko is fine wine
We all know Martin, this Teen Republik hunk. He admits that he likes Caroline Mutoko a lot and knowing so well that she has been around the world, his would be to pull something different.
"I know that Caroline Mutoko is like fine wine. I think she has been to all the fine places so I would like to take her to my old neighbourhood (Zimmerman) and visit a children's home and introduce her to my boys as well," he remarks of his crush.

Shaq the Youngin: Vanessa Mdee, ideal date
"She is the type of girl I want to hang out on an island with, sea food everywhere, roses in all our rooms and she has to swing of her hula hoop swing set for me.

Pascal Tokodi goes for the Phy
The cool actor who recently won the Best Supporting Role accolade – in Riverwood - for his role in Pray and Prey wants a piece of Phy, the singer.
"I would want to take her out on an expensive dinner at a nice hotel," he says of the girl he admires.

Kaka Sungura wants Passaris for a date
Given a chance, celebrated singer and businessman Kaka Sungura would take Esther Passaris on a road trip. He says she is a lady of class; good looking, focused and simply the boss. He talks about this would-be date: "Passaris is a complete lady; gorgeous and focused. I respect her hustle. I would take her for a road trip to a destination of her choice...and that is just for the two of us. I imagine all that fantasy. Can you imagine a drive on this open roof car with the wind blowing her hair," he fantasises.

King Kaka and Passaris   Photo: Courtesy

Kagwe too wants Tracy
Now with all the girls in town hitting on singing hunk Kagwe, he too has been having his eyes firm on the Teen Republik host Tracy. Sophisticated as he is, Kagwe wants to make this date as simple as can be. He wants to take Tracy out for 'nyama choma'.

Njeri goes for Bien of Sauti Sol
"I would hang out with him in the studio, probably play him my new music and jam with him given a chance. I think that would be too cool," she says of the man who melts her heart.

Sarah Naana's dinner with Tyler Perry
Over jazz music, singer Sarah Naana would like American actor Tyler Perry all for herself on a dinner date at the beach. "This would be such a gift, that is all I can say," she tells Pulse.

Blessed Jo: Jemimah Thiong'o rocks my heart
Gospel singer Blessed Jo admires Jemimah Thiong'o whom he says he would take to Mombasa, Swahili Beach for a good treat. "Swahili Beach is cool and quiet and I trust we would enjoy as we talk about God and serve. We would also enjoy a boat ride. She is such a good mentor and mother," says Blessed Jo.

Adelle O: J Something is quite something
After finally admitting that he is married last year, J Something of Micasa still has one of Nairobi's finest stars wishing for a date with him. "I know he is a really good chef so I would have him over and let him cook for me his signature meal," says a smitten Adelle.

Jalas goes fictional over Kerry Washington
Celebrated radio host Jalas would cross the seven seas for this fictional character Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), bring her back to Kenya and take her to Kisumu to meet his parents and enjoy some fish around Lake Victoria.

Joe Muchiri smitten by Eve D'Souza
"Eve D'Souza is one admirable lady. She has it all put together from having a great personality, a focus in life and a great career. She is also humble and given a chance I would offer her a deserved exotic holiday to the Greece"

Raj: Victoria Kimani is sexy
This might come out as rather obvious but this star from Kisii has at least opened his heart about what he thinks of Kenyans foremost singing diva Victoria Kimani, his crush.
"Victoria is sexy and she has a great attitude. I would take her to Kisii and treat her to a banana meal," he says.
And as Raj dreams on. Chaxy joins in with an alternative for the Booty Bounce singer. "I would take her to an exotic island where we are cut off from everyone. There, I would tell it all," says Chaxy.
Mr Eve: Janet Mbugua is everything
"I can't seem to stop thinking about TV host Janet Mbugua. She is nice, simply nice. Would her husband give us a chance, I would take her out camping."