Nine celebrity cougars that possess the allure to attract younger men

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole, Diamond and Zari [Photo: Courtesy]

Stars like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are famous for dating and marrying younger men while Madonna has dated men young enough to be her sons.

Thanks to such tendencies, they surely make for the perfect showbiz cougars.

Mariah and Nick [Photo: Courtesy]

Mariah Carey
Quite the diva, the Always be My Baby singer was the dream woman for many men but it was Nick Canon who put a ring on it.

At the time if their marriage, she was 11 years older than her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and before him she had been dating a male model who was six years her junior.

Sandra and Ryan [Photo: Courtesy]

Sandra Bullock
Award winning actress likes her men young and ripped. The star’s largest dating age difference was a 16-year gap between her and ex-boyfriend actor Ryan Gosling whom she met while on set. But that was not her first cougar move.

Sandra was also 12 years older than Ryan Reynolds, and a less-imposing five years older than Jesse James, all of who were her ‘boys’ at some point.

Diaz and Tyrese [Photo: Courtesy]

Cameron Diaz
The popular film star has had a couple of younger boyfriends and her youthful looks made her an even more appealing catch.

Going out with some of Hollywood’s hottest young hunks, who can blame her? Cameron was nine years older than her ex Justin Timberlake, and seven years older than model Tyrese Gibson both who were big names in Hollywood.

Nicole and Lewis [Photo: Courtesy]

Nicole Scherzinger
In regards to bagging ‘the man all her juniors would love to date’, Nicole is queen.

Seeing as her relationship with Lewis Hamilton was one of the most coveted and publicised relationships in Grand Prix circles, and her ex Talan Torriero was quite the hunk, this is one cougar who definitely knows how to strike with finesse.

Jlo with Casper [Photo: Courtesy]

Jennifer Lopez
She ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ but she might just take you home if she likes you. With the curves of a goddess and moves that would get men drooling at her feet, Jennifer Lopez has perfected the cougar art and that was how she bagged her ex, dancer Casper Smart.

After several interactions while on set for her music videos, Jennifer fell in love and even bore children for Casper but as it now stands, she has moved on to Drake.

According to Hollywood news, Drake is also pressuring her to have his babies.

Madonna and Zaibat [Photo: Courtesy]

The Queen of Pop seems to get to any Prince Charming she fancies and with her personality even the awkward moments pass on just fine.

Besides kissing Drake late last year then apologising for it, she had a relationship with 25-year-old Brahim Zaibat who was half her age, then nearly matched that gap again by dating 21-year Jesus Luz and rebounding from Zaibat with 26-year-old Timor Steffens.

Maybe she is also Queen of Cougar town.

Sheila and Prezzo [Photo: Courtesy]

Sheila Mwanyigha
When media personality Sheila Mwanyigha was in a relationship with Prezzo, fans and foes all weighed in their relationship.

Consequently a spotlight was cast on these two stars forcing them to put up an act whenever they stepped out together.

In local context, some comments can be overwhelming to the extent that relationships fail but abroad, more buzz is great for the personalities.

Jaydee and Spicy [Photo: Courtesy]

Of course men like Drake seem to be taking advantage of the seemingly lonely cougars who seem to have everything other than a ‘bae’.

 Such has been the case with Tanzanian songstress Jaydee whose marriage crumbled before babies could come into the picture.

Word is that Jaydee is now dating fellow singer Spicy with whom she has been spotted several times.

Diamond and Zari [Photo: Courtesy]

Zari Hassan
Of course Zari is the reigning East African queen cougar and she has beautiful babies with Tanzanian star Diamond to show for it!

Having broken off from her first marriage to Ugandan millionaire Ivan, the star crossed over to Tanzania in what started as a showbiz stun.

Today, Zari reigns in Diamond’s kingdom and yes, she knows how to silence her haters too.