Watu wa Nairobi, ocean sio swimming pool- Mombasa beach party lights up coastal city

Revelers at the party [Photo: Courtesy]

A joke was doing the rounds earlier on the New Year Eve that it was harder to get a white top, pants, shoes or dress in any fashion outlet in Mombasa town than it was to get a hotel room.

Obviously, just like all airlines had been booked to capacity three days ahead of the celebrations day, hotel rooms had recorded capacity bookings with even the most unlikely of them cashing on the wind fall.

And so was the demand for the Jump Over White Party tickets. White garments had run out in most outlets with over 2000 people having booked the tickets and gotten all white ready for the Moonshine Beach Hotel Pulse powered concert.

Even with Hakuna Matata festival, the other major event that was going down on the D-day, the White Party attracted such a wild following as it was the first major beach party taking place after three years of dry spell, that after the government banned beach parties following the rampant terror attacks that had threatened the entertainment industry at the Coast.

Besides, when Nairobians fun lovers go to Coast, all they want is life around the beach and not in another lounge bar as it is the norm in the capital city.

The previous night, you could catch the Nairobi wave in every hotel and with Shaffie Weru and DJ Crème de la Crème having camped at Z-Lounge for a little gig, everything had gone red at the posh pub.

But here was the New Year’s Eve and all roads were leading to the new talk-of-town Moonshine Club, the beach side of the famous Reef Hotel that is associated with the Noon Goes to the Beach parties of the 90s.

Making it to the venue after 10pm was almost impossible as traffic held bumper to bumper. Scores even opted to park their cars as far as Mamba Village about four kilometers away and walk to the beach front concert.

The first sight one got at the venue was the all-white look and as the countdown to the New Year started shortly after 11pm, a fine assortment of music beats and deejay hype steamed up things to a near ecstasy ‘groove’ obsession.

“Happy people, are you ready for the jump over,” Big Ted, arguably the ‘father of emceeing’ roared with the crowd cheering back animatedly: “Yes”.

Back at the entry, the numbers were surging and revelers had to be let in free as tickets had literally run out.

 A team of ten Pulsers kicked off a shuffle dance and everyone joined in as the count-down went down towards the climax hour.

Fireworks could be heard everywhere at every hotel establishment along the beach front as the sky got lit up with the spectacular presentations making the start of the new year. From far and wide, excitement rented the air as hundreds yelled their lungs out in anxiety. And so did the music tempo increase here at the Jump Over the deejays of the night not disappointing.

Then, there was another phenomenal...an unanticipated one for that matter. As if to join in the celebrations, the ocean tides rose and heavy waves started eating into the beach front where the party set up had been.

Award-winning singer Gilad and his band were just exiting the stage when the first wave hit the stage.

 Then ‘evacuation’ started with security guards and waiters helping stubborn Nairobians off the danger they did not care challenging.

“Watu wa Nairobi, ocean sio swimming pool. Please leave the beach now,” a guard was overhead warning as a couple surprisingly took a plunge to challenge the waves, a joke everyone warned them about.

Even with the challenge, the New Year party that had also received support from Triple P went on all night till the wee hours of the morning that ushering in what is most likely going to turn out an eventful year in the Coastal showbiz calendar.