2017 drama begins- Soulja Boy threatens to knock out Chris Brown

Chris and Soulja [Photo: Courtesy]

Chris Brown and Soulja boy have not had a history of beefing and so when the hatred started to spill, there was no telling which way it would go but we sure know Chris’ tendencies of being blunt and unafraid.

Seemingly, it begun with Soulja Boy liking model, actress cum TV host Karrueche Tran’s picture on Instagram.

 He later claimed that Chris Brown had called him asking for a fight simply because of that. In a follow-up tweet, Soulja Boy threatened to knock Brown out and accused him of taking too much drugs.

There is no telling what chances or benefit this had on Soulja boy because there is no way Karrueche would give him a chance for liking her picture especially now that he is said to be homeless to begin with.

Save the fact that there are thousands of others willing and able to with the wealth at hand.

The Loyal singer is said to be still very protective of his ex-girlfriend from more than two years ago. He has been leaving cryptic and suggestive comments on her Instagram, to which she hardly responds.

Some of his new songs are speculated to have been written with her in mind.

Following the flirty Instagram interaction, the pair’s fighting escalated into threats of physical violence and back and forth digs where Chris went in on him with several rants, memes and cryptic messages on his page.

From a conversation with an unnamed woman who had been housing the Crank That rapper, shows that he is homeless at the moment.

The mystery woman was housing Soulja Boy until she learned of his beef with Brown and allegedly kicked him out because he started the fight indicating that he could have been ungrateful.

Later, Soulja Boy began an Instagram live session where he is seen in the streets and seemingly aggravated an unnamed individual into having a fight with him.

The video clip ended with Soulja Boy approaching the wrong person and seemingly getting hit and robbed. Soulja Boy’s diminishing career already allows him the time to start and carry on with such unnecessary behavior.

Karrueche saw it necessary to intervene on her social media writing, “I just..okay..First off this drama between both of these two is so ridiculous it makes no sense.

We just brought in a New Year and what we doing? Leave the extra’d out, rah rah s**t behind. This isn’t cool or funny..it’s draining..not just for me..but for everyone. There’s so much more out there in life then “twitter beef” as part of her response.

Our take; for sure now Chris Just upped the attention to both Karrueche and Soulja Boy. Well played Soulja, this could be your career resuscitation taking place at such a strategic time of the year thanks to liking a sexy picture on Instagram.

We might also have had a little drama back here at home when controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul posted his “achievement” of a stunt during a stage performance at a New Year’s Eve event captioning “I was born to make history.”

 Capital FM radio producer and social media influencer Joe Muchiri who is known for not mincing his words said that it was “useless History.” Another artist went on to mention that the stunt had been done before and correcting him that he was only following history and not writing it.

Willy Paul responded only to Joe claiming that he should be crowned Female Idiot of the year for feuding with him who is supposedly the “better/greater/focused” person between the two according to his response.

Joe swore to more drama this year telling him off that he is not a gospel musician to begin with.