How Dj Kaytrixx went from broke to brilliant

Dj Kaytrixx [Photo: Courtesy]

Some celebs come from far. Others come from f-a-a-r. And then s-o-o-m-e. Just ask Kabochi Gakau.

Nowadays, Kabochi Gakau, aka DJ Kaytrixx is on high demand. Which is why we doubt if this decks man has the time to tell y’all where he’s come from, so we will do the honours via Pulse’ issue of Friday, January 7, 2011.

Then, Kaytrixx was 22 years old and, ahem, could pass through a needle’s eye ... and leave room for a camel! Kaytrixx was slaving for veteran DJ Stylez, under Stylez’s Code Red stable.

Stylez was the ish. He was rich, no? (Did I hear someone whisper, nouveau riche?) He sauntered about showbiz like he had a Gulfstream G650 parked at JKIA.

His sidekicks, chicks and toys had “I’M RICH, B**CH” written all over their swag. Hell, schoolboys wanted to be Stylez when they grew up.

But? Beneath this external veneer of fame and fortune there were stinking skeletons waiting for Halloween.

“Whenever I ask Stylez to pay me my dues to settle even my rent, he says he will talk with my landlord. How does that work?” Kaytrixx revealed in the “Overheard” article.

“I have really tried to talk to him to sort out my wage issues since I signed for Code Red but it always falls on deaf ears.

 Imagine I’m paid peanuts for my work – Sh17,000 – from the amount he gets from Str8Up monthly and it comes late.

I also get Sh2,000 to Sh3,000 for playing in other gigs for Code Red. The first six months I had to contend with sleeping on the mattress on the floor and only owned a plate and a spoon because I could not make ends meet yet I was all over the TV show.”

Stylez, please. Plate and spoon? What’s a DJ supposed to do with these two utensils? Lemme guess: use the plate to learn how to scratch and the spoon as a mic. Thitimaaa!

Seriously, though, someone once quipped that the only suckers that are paid peanuts are monkeys.

Which is why Kaytrixx decided to up and leave the circus. “The DJ Stylez-led outfit which grappled with the defection of some members that formed Blackstar Entertainment is again faced with another challenge as popular award-winning VJ-cum-presenter Kaytrixx quit in a huff alleging poor pay and delay in salaries,” the article read.

“The dreadlocked decks man said that sometimes it takes two months for his employer to settle his dues risking eviction from his landlord.”
Kaytrixx decamped to Homeboyz Radio, but later formed his own DJ unit, Spincycle Entertainment, and stole a hell lot of thunder – and gigs – from Stylez.

What’s the moral of Kaytrixx’s audacious turnaround from broke a** to kickin’ a**? Do your thing.

But don’t let anybody treat you like crap. If they do, make sure that, when sh*t hits the wheels of steel, your stench reaches high heavens and runs them out of town ... even if they’re the Sherriff.