Seven weird songs that defined 2016

Weird songs cropped up and flatly refused to go away in 2016 [Photo: Courtesy]

Everyone has their place in the entertainment circle. You are either the creator of the art or on the receiving end.

As a listener, you probably have an opinion or two about most content. The last one year, has been filled with disappointments from particularly good artistes but most of all surprises from new artistes who will stop at nothing to become relevant using good old controversy.

Yesu nipe nyonyo by SBJ
If your reaction to this song was "dunia isimame nishuke" we really are with you on this one. We do not get how someone gathered their thoughts to write the song first (we are secretly hoping you think you are a genius that you just walked into the booth and recorded, maybe then you would be 3% excused), even worse to link it to God.

 There is no parallelism whatsoever with anything Godly.

To add insult to injury, the first time you hear the song you get embarrassed, then try to understand what the song really means but unfortunately by the time you get to the end you have wasted 4:42 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Tiga Wana by Willy Paul x Size 8 reborn

Dance moves; well-choreographed. Good sound; check. Great video; check. Message; zero.

Of course we have spent the better of our conversations this last quarter of the year trying to criticize the song and the message being passed across and we are not done until each artiste who chooses to get into the gospel industry understands that they are doing this for the praise of God and not publicity stunts.

The song grows on you over time, but what use is it if you remember it like a secular song than a gospel song.

Thitima by Kymo and Stigah

Consequences of accepting secular songs with the word 'Jesus' thrown in two or three times plus and bible phrases here and there for gospel. Now we need to draw the line so that this confusion stops leaving the studio.

This should have been left to be a DJ drop. But now that is it a song, we will talk about it. With a very good analogy and paralleling to the bible and its stories the bonus is that it is funny.

Enough of the jokes but we need to take it back to the church of we are going to have to differentiate gospel from secular music.

Moto Sana by Juacali

With much respect to the predecessors of the music industry Saf Sana was a good comeback song. You are more than big ups and reminiscing those days that music used to be your thing. Moving on, the beat is fire, true.

So what? Being Calif's last standing ambassador we should have moved on to better songs that are properly written. These big ups are old enough to go out of style.

This grace period should be used to create classics and not dwell on the past.

Jah by Femi one
Dear Femi, if you concentrated on becoming better perhaps "top ten watakutaja." When you are fairly a newbie in the industry please churn all your energies into making the best of your early years by giving out good content.

Watch and learn from those that have gone before you if you already don't have direction. Beefing with everyone who tries to do their thing is draining and a waste of time to your fans.

Hope you are done playing high school, let your fans see what else you got.

Lazalo by Osieko X S.O.C

Where do we start with this? Gospel must be the safest entry into the larger music scene because most of the content that has been released this year has been nothing short of controversial.

Help understand the conception of gospel trap and how it comes to life without forgetting how to differentiate between the secular and gospel versions of it.

Maintenance fee by Kenzo X Cannibal
My eyes roll even at the title of the song. Is this a background track that should be played at the procurement office?

 Let us digress. There are artistes who are talented then there are those that take their fans for a ride and actually get airplay.

The music purely sounds like a conversation, with zero rhyme, flow or organisation. As good as a basic wannabe track. Cannibal should know better than to be dragged into such murk.