Let there be merry -Six top gospel songbirds share their joy of Christmas

Size 8, Mercy Masika and Gloria Muliro [Photo: Courtesy]

“For me it has been a year full of surprises. I have God’s grace and favour upon me. First was the birth of my little angel Ladasha, who I strongly (believe) brought me luck in many ways.

This aside, I have been able to release more mature songs in particular Pale Pale that has elevated me a notch higher as far as gospel music goes,” says Size 8.

Size 8 [Photo: Courtesy]

The singer famed for hits like Nawasha Moto, Mateke and the Tiga Wana collabo with Willy Paul among others describes Christmas as a time to spend with family besides being a season for giving out to the needy and indulging in prayers.

“Personally I intend to spend this Christmas with my family members unless I will have a concert to do.”
According to Size 8, Christmas means laughing and spending time with your family and friends but most important of all is celebrating the birth of Christ.

“I dedicate this festive season to giving thanks to God besides taking care of the needy. It is time to teach one another the true meaning of Christmas, which is basically the birth of Christ and love to all during this season.”

Mercy Masika [Photo: Courtesy]

Mercy Masika, one of gospel’s big names describes Christmas as the birthday of our Lord.

“Well, I am excited that Christmas is around the corner.For me it has always been a season of joy and peace and I will use the time to connect with those close to me; my family and the needy.”

Janet Otieno [Photo: Courtesy]

Gospel songbird Janet Otieno believes Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ.

“I intend to spend a moment with God in church – in particular during the morning hours before I can proceed back home to be with my family.

According to the singer, Christmas is a time to reflect on the goodness of Jesus Christ besides giving hope and encouraging the needy.

Kambua [Photo: Courtesy]

Kambua who hopes to spend this season with her family believes that Christmas is all about reminiscing the birth of Jesus Christ and spending time with one’s family as well as the needy.

“It is always important for us to realise that we make a living by what we earn and a life by what we give. In other words there is more blessing in giving than receiving.”

Eunice Njeri [Photo: Courtesy]

Eunice Njeri who recently got hitched to her long-term sweetheart, who is also a fellow gospel artiste, says this is a time for family members to come together and share the knowledge on the virtues of God.

“I hope to spend ample time with my new family at home and also get sufficient time for God since we live by His grace.

“This is a time for families and relatives to have reunion and reflect on their past relationship with God throughout the year. I want to thank God for His love and care.”

Gloria Muliro [Photo: Courtesy]

Gloria Muliro who intends to spend this day in the presence of God besides reuniting with her family members describes Christmas as a time to reflect on the goodness of Christ regardless of the challenges we have faced as a country or at individual levels.

“It is about living right. It is important that we indulge in deep prayers and intercede on behalf of those who may be having a wrong perception about this day.

“It is important for Kenyans to realise that Christmas is not about over-indulging in unnecessary activities that may lead to destruction,” she says.