Singer Jaguar gifts slum residents with bridge

Jaguar commissioning the bridge [Photo: Courtesy]

With the festivity season coming with all sorts of pleasantries, philanthropic singer Jaguar has put a smile on the residents of Masaai Village after funding a footbridge across Nairobi River.

The singer officially opened the 20-metre footbridge last weekend to the joy of residents who have been having difficulties crossing the river during the rainy season.

A number of residents have lost their lives at the spot after drowning in the river, especially when heavy rains pour.

Overwhelmed by his gesture, the residents sang songs of praises asking Jaguar to vie for the Member of Parliament slot in the area and extend his good deeds as their political leader.

“I wasn’t doing this for political millage but as someone who has the residents close to his heart. I know how much the residents have suffered and even lost loved ones and it is for this reason that I decided to assist by funding the bridge,” Jaguar told Pulse.

“I will be working together with the residents to make sure that Nairobi River is cleaned up and that the hazards that come with the pollution in the river are minimised.This will be my next action,” he said.