Nairobi socialite wants to "kamata" Navy Kenzo's Nahreel

Navy Kenzo Photo: Courtesy

A Nairobi socialite who is known to be gay broke into the VIP artistes’ holding area during the PMVAs seeking to steal a moment with Kamatia Chini’s Nahreel last week Thursday.

The restless guy first sought to take a photo with the Navy Kenzo singer who adamantly remained hand-in-hand with his fiancée, fellow singer Aika.

He even went ahead to suggest that he had something special to share with Nahreel only for him to be thrown out of the VIP area, even as he insulted the bouncer and saying that he would still get Nahreel.

The guy is said to have dated two top male Tanzanian artistes and even lived with one on several occasions during his visits here.