Willy Pombe? Could gospel artiste Willy Paul be hitting the bottle?

Word on the streets has it that celebrated gospel singer Willy Paul could be hitting the bottle – something Pulse cannot confirm. This follows his unusual act last Friday morning when he walked into an interview late and looking a bit worn out. Willy was attending the interview alongside fellow Tiga Wana gospel singer Size 8 who throughout the TV interview spotted dark glasses.

“I had a long night recording and I am actually tired,” Size 8 told Pulse minutes after the interview. Willy Paul only said he had a long night.

It is not the first time Willy is being rumoured to be taking a little drink for the stomach. Sometime during a club event in Nakuru early this year, a Pulse snitch claimed to have spotted the talented singer hitting the bottle. However, Willy Paul maintains that all those are just but unfounded allegations.