I love Kenyans, they love me- Paul Kagame's daugher Ange

Ange Kagame         Photo:Courtesy

Ange Kagame, arguably the most popular first daughter in Africa says she is in love with Kenya and cannot stop thinking about how Kenyans support her especially through their comments on social media.

"I thank all my fans and supporters in Kenya. The love and the support I get from Kenyans on the social media is really amazing," Ange told MondayBlues during an exclusive interview.

Ange and her brother Ivan Kagame were active participants in the just-concluded World Economic Forum, Africa in Kigali Rwanda, where they mingled freely with the delegates despite the heavy security guarding them.

The friendly Ivan Kagame at one point had to come to the rescue of our reporter who was being pushed away from him by his security guards. "It's okay, just leave him," said Ivan getting the hawk-eyed security to back off.