One on one with Kenya Airways Pilot and car enthusiast Willis

Willis' favourite car Photo: The Standard

Pulse: What is the type of the car?

Willis: It is a Subaru STI spec C with an upgraded engine and racing tarmac spec suspension for handling stability.

P: What is the most unique thing about this car?

W: Pretty much everything. I have upgraded it be faster and to look sleek.

P: What upgrades have you done to it?

W: I have put light weight wheels with semi sleek tyres for racing, it has racing chocks, a racing engine a customized body work and osmis racing rims. Everything in this car is to make it super sleek and fast.

P: How much does it cost?

W: To me it is pricessless but on upgrades roughly, three million (shillings).

P: Why the yellow color?

W: It’s unique to the standard blue Subarus.

P: What is the one thing your girlfriend cannot do in the car?

W: It’s safer for me not to answer that (laughs).

P: What are the eating rules in your car?

W: I dont have any. Actually just eat before you get into my car and if you must, carry enough for two.

P: What is the most annoying people do in your car?

W: I hate it when i carry someone and they complain about how I drive. And my question is ‘but did you die’?.

P: Your views on police and alco-blow?

W: Police...mmmhh. Since I went yellow they just stare in admiration. I know it’s hard to believe, it took sometime to get used to it myself. On, alcoblow, I don’t drink so it’s easy for me.

P: Your car won four prizes at the Subaru Festival...

W: Yes, best rims and tyres, best body art, best interior and best engine.


-Willis is a pilot at Kenya Airways and a car enthusiast.