Fans expect nothing but drama as Nairobi diaries, Kenya's new reality show premiers which stars Vera Sidika, Pendo among others

Nairobi diaries
Kenya's new reality Television premiers and fans anticipate drama Photo: Courtesy

When it comes to reality shows that follow the lives of women, expect nothing short of drama. Hair-pulling fights, a drink or a heel thrown on someone’s face and name-calling is a common sight.

Kenya’s foremost new reality television show Nairobi Diaries has no holds barred. The show that premiered this week stars popular socialites and social influencers in the entertainment scene and is already the talk of the city.

The one-hour show stars entrepreneur and socialite Vera Sidika, fashion stylist Silvia Njoki, musician and actress Ella Ciru, NGO ambassador and student Gertrude Murunga, architect Kiki Diang’a, fitness instructor Marjolein Blokland and socialite and singer Pendo.

In its premier episode, Gertrude tries to develop her relationship with Vera to friendship. Vera, however, is not making any effort. The two disagree on several matters and over Gertrude’s betrayal in the past and Vera not accepting her apology and all hell breaks loose. Gertrude vows not to bother herself with Vera who is disappointed over not being invited to her birthday party and launch of her charity initiative. It is clear that the three will be a lot of friction in the series between the two.

The other girls are also busy. Marjolein plans to start a fitness club with Pendo, Ella is taking steps to fulfill her musical dreams while Silvia catches up with Vera after the latter’s trip to Ghana. Nairobi Diaries allows the ladies to respond to rumours that are in the public and reveals some of their secrets. What will unfold in the coming episodes are Ella’s drug addiction problem, Vera’s video vixening career, Pendo’s alleged wild past, and of course Gertrude’s bold enmity with Vera. It is a plus for the show to have featured a diverse cast, ladies of different personalities, interest, past and dreams.

The show, however, needs to be more convincing. For instance, the cameras could have followed Vera so the viewers could see where she was that made her late for the spa date. If it was true she was in a traffic jam, show her on the road. Viewers would also have loved to see what she was up to when Gertrude was holding an event that she would have loved to attend.

And very importantly for the first episode of a show, it failed to reveal how the women met and how their friendships began other than Marjolein and Pendo who met on the show. The censorship of the vulgar words does not help unless the editors censors the mouth with a tape over their lips.

Generally, if you love reality shows, you will love this. The fickle and strong friendships, the glamorous lifestyle, and bold go-getter ladies will keep you glued.