So what! Am not the first to do nudes - Sandra hits back after splashing her naked pics on social media

Socialite Sandra

Sandra, the girl whose nude photos were splashed all over social media two weeks ago says she sees nothing wrong with going nude.

She also says she is not dating KU FM’s Victor Matara as it was previously alleged. “I am not the first lady whose photos have appeared online. And if I am better than Vera and Huddah, that is for my fans to judge. Not me. Besides, time will tell,” she told Pulse.

“...I am not the one who published the photos online. Someone is using a fake account and making it look like I am real desperate for attention (sic). Besides by now, I suppose the whole country if not the whole world already knows about the photos. I have not spoken to my parents about it but being an adult I think it is my right to do what I want without the approval of anyone. I do respect my parents and am sure they are not disappointed by what came out, as they know me as a different person as to what people have portrayed me,” she added.

Asked if she is dating KU Fm’s Victor Matara, Sandra said; “No, am not dating him. He is just a good friend of mine.”