Revealed: Events that surrounded the Drake and Meek Mill beef

It could be a non-issue compared to Nas vs Jay Z, Pac vs Biggie or even Eazy E vs Dr Dre, but it has sure as hell booked its place in hip-hop history.

After weeks of beefing and diss-tracks, it’s time we revealed the events that surround Drake and Meek Mill’s qualms and the aftermath of it all, although as it seems, it is anything but over.

A quick brush-over from where it all began; Meek Mill took to Twitter when Drake refused to tweet Mill’s album despite him being featured, saying

“stop comparing Drake to me.. He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he aint tweet my album because we found out.”

And just like that, a mere tweet sparked a firestorm across the internet and media questioning the authenticity of MCs in the industry.

That followed more tweets by Mill questioning his decision to feature Drake in his album admitting that he “tricked” his fans. All this because Drake didn’t tweet Meek’s new album, Dreams worth more than money. Meek Mill also called out Wale for the same reason.

Only weeks earlier Kanye had admitted that Drake is currently the hottest rapper in the game, so naturally Mill’s claims sent Drake on a roll, only not with mere tweets but with studio recordings that were hot as tabasco.

Drake responded with a diss-track called Charged Up, which he dropped on his radio show, by playing it four times in a row. It was seemingly tame but as we know, it was only a taste of what was to come. It was rumoured that Mill was to respond to Charged Up but nothing materialised. He however took to Twitter, which wasn’t surprising, to express his thoughts on Charged Up tweeting,

“Baby lotion soft” and “I can tell he wrote that one though”

Two days after, Drake was back; full force, with more. He dropped Back to Back where among other things, Drake called out Meek’s earlier opening act on his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s tour.

“is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” he responded to the ghostwriting allegations with; “this for ya’ll that think that I don’t write enough. They just mad cause I got the Midas touch”

The internet went wild! The most hilarious meme’s happened depicting how much Mill is whipped and how much of a sissy he is.

Sensing the looming death of his career, Meek dragged his lazy behind off Twitter and into the studio where he dropped the weakest comeback of all time Wanna Know featuring Drake’s alleged ghost writer (by now you must’ve realised that I’m leaning towards the winner’s side, its only natural)

The internet erupted! But only to criticise Meek Mill claiming his comeback game is too weak. No one was impressed. The disappointment was deeply felt with a popular burger joint’s account tweeting “Meek, take it from us, if you’re gonna serve beef, serve it high quality”

Added advantage for being better positioned in the industry or not, Drake seems to have killed Meek Mill’s career before it even got a chance to fully flourish. What’s worse, that can happen again? Nicki has reportedly dumped Meek Mill following a decline in her shows’ ticket sales after the embarrassing feud. Nicki feels like they took the whole relationship a bit “too far, too fast” according to a source.

Poor Meek.