Stick to Italian shoes if you have to wear a suit - Nick Mwaniki, model from the Strut It Africa brand.

Nick Mwaniki is Kenyan/French model and one of East Africa’s leading male models from the Strut It Africa brand. Photo: Courtesy

Pulse: How would you describe your style?
Nick: My style is mostly casual or semi-casual; a nice pair of khaki pants, polo shirt and moccasins works for me. You would also often spot me in jeans and a fitting shirt.

P: Do you have a workout routine?
N: I recently got back to the gym after a long break. I usually work out thrice a week.

P: Five things you cannot leave the house without?
N: They will have to be my smartphone, an interesting book, music, my sunglasses and my watch.

P: Quiet night in or a fun night out?
N: A quiet night in does it for me. This is especially after a busy week at work. I unwind with a good movie or good book.

P: What outfit would you choose for a night out?
N: It depends on my mood and the occasion, but I would settle for a shirt and jeans.

P: What is the favourite item in your wardrobe?
N: A genuine leather jacket I bought in France a couple of years back.

P: What is your favourite scent?
N: Bleu de Chanel by Chanel or BVLGARI Man. I like a scent that compliments my personality.

P: What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?
N: Back in the days, I used to wear baggy jeans and oversized shirts. What was I thinking?

P: Is it still chic to wear white sneakers with a suit?
N: I wouldn’t say so. Stick to Italian shoes if you have to wear a suit. You will never go wrong.

P: Can you pull off denim-on-denim?
N: I usually match my jeans with a Levi’s Denim button-up shirt and matching denim canvas shoes or Converse. I think I pull off the look quite well.

P: Your go-to casual outfit?
N: A well fitted blazer, a nice shirt, khaki pants and moccasins.

P: Do you think it’s appropriate to wear a tailored blazer with shorts?
N: I personally wouldn’t wear a tailored blazer with shorts. It just doesn’t cut it for me.

P: Describe your perfect woman in three words.
N: Ambitious, focused and composed.