Why the BMW 218 D is referred to as the parking genius – Michael De Souza tells it all

Michael de Souza owner of the  BMW 218 D Active Tourer is a Sales Manager, Bavaria Auto.

Pulse: What is the make of your car?

Michael de Souza: It is one of the latest BMW 218 D Active Tourer in the Kenyan market

P: What unique feature stands out about the ride?

MS: The BMW 218 D Active Tourer is a parking genius owing to its unique features with highly sensitive sensors. It has front, rear and sideways sensors that make it automatically park itself in between other cars.

P: How is that possible?

MS: Once you get to your parking lot, you need to activate the self-parking modes in the car and then just relax as the car parks itself.

P: Apart from parking itself, is there any other interesting fact about it?

MS: The car has many other features like sound settings, vehicle’s information on status, time, service requirement and oil level. It also has automatic tailgate; if you have your hands full of luggage, just swing your leg while at the boot and it will automatically open. There is also total closure system, synchronising with the BMW watch.