Looking through the eyes of local female celebrities, we reveal their true character

Some of the Kenyan female celebs    Photo Edit: SDE

Your outfit is never complete without?
A) Any African-inspired piece
B) Mascara
C) Rings
D) Red lipstick and heels
E) Weave and makeup
F) Pearl necklace
G) Red lipstick, electrifying hairstyle
H) Big earrings
I) Black eyeliner and lipstick
J) Red lipstick and a smile

Describe your style?
A) African-inspired, bold
B) Charming, graceful, witty and simple
C) Edgy, funky, unpredictable
D) Sensual, girly and flirty
E) Semi-formal and feminine
F) Subtle, classic, controlled, comfortable and elegant
G) Experimental, mellow and sensual
H) Evolving, fierce and trendy
I) Odd, morbid, scary, fantasti cal and mysterious
J) Classy, smart, laid-back and reserved

Your ideal dress is...
A) African-inspired contemporary dress
B) The little black dress
C) Above the knee bodycon dress
D) Halter pleated V-neck dress
E) Midi bodycon or peplum dress
F) Classic shaped dress
G) Knee-length dress
H) A figure-hugging fishtail dress
I) Black magical sheer lace dress
J) A front slit flowing dress

Your strongest feature is...
A) Long beautiful legs
B) Calm face and dark hair
C) Ample thighs
D) Sultry eyes and flirty giggles
E) Hour-glass shape
F) Tough and intense yet innocent face
G) Well-toned body and pouty lips
H) Curvaceous body
I) Dark smoky eyes and scary stare
J) Glossy hair and cute smile

What is your most conspicuous personality?
A) Bold
B) Polite and charitable
C) Adventurous
D) Attractive
E) Flirty
F) Charismatic
G) Confident
H) Humble
I) Mysterious
J) Cheery

How do you react to ‘haters’?
A) I wish they would tell it to my face so they can see how their thoughts don’t get to me
B) I lead a quiet life, haters hardly come my way
C) I fight back to those who get on my nerves
D) I don’t call them ‘haters’, I see them as people who want my attention
E) But these haters keep watching me
F) I listen keenly to what haters say and handle any situation with class and strength.
G) I can only pray for them. I was once put down by hateful comments. Not anymore
H) I may seem shy but I am strong and confident in what I do. I do not have time to give to haters
I) My look scares away all haters
J) Kill them with a smile

What is the wildest thing ever said about you?
A) Yet to hear
B) My dark side has never been obvious to people
C) I am a diva and I look like a doll when I have excessive make up on
D) I am a sex object, adulterous, shallow and daft
E) I do not know how to keep my cool around good looking men
F) I am adulterous

G) I am indecent and idle
H) I am being cheated on
I) I am an evil woman who seduces and destroys
J) I am snobbish and only talk to a particular kind of people

What is the top impression the public have of you?
A) I am fierce
B) I am innocent, calm and strong-willed
C) I am snobbish
D) I am unintelligent and beautiful
E) I am flirtatious
F) I am headstrong
G) I am sensuous
H) I am flawless
I) I am devilish and non-expres sive
J) I am jovial and refined

If you were to be given a nickname, what would it be?
(A) Mystique
(B) Dove
(C) Doll
(D) Wild card
(E) Hottie
(F) Bombshell
G) Hot Mama
H) Queen
(I) Vamp
(J) Sunshine

Mostly A’s: Mercy Myra - Afro-fusion singer

You are bold and fierce, and it is hard for anything to easily put you down. As much you are bold, you are kind and though you are fierce with it, people might take advantage of that until they come to remember that you are not one to mess with. You are also mysteriously adorable and concerned.
You always have an African piece on you, jewellery or anything that gets you to celebrate your culture. Your African pieces have a contemporary feel to them. You have no apologies to make about your sensuality. You know you are sexy and wear what accentuates just that with a touch of boldness to it.

Mostly B’s: Audrey Hepburn- British actress

You are graceful, reserved and polite to those around you. You get lost into your own world, love your peace and the public life is not your cup of tea. You prefer to give your energy to be with your loved ones and attend to those who need you. Still, your simple fashion sense charms people who end up popularising it.

Mostly C’s: Victoria Kimani - Kenyan singer

You are a rare one. You are adventurous with your way of doing things. You do not like the idea of boxing yourself into a particular style. You like to experiment with different tastes that bring out an attitude and standards in you. This could be the reason why people instantly judge you for a snob.

Mostly D’s: Huddah – Kenyan socialite

The first thing people note when they look at you is your sexy body and your genuine flirty laughs. You are dripping with sensual verve; this both works for and against you. You can get whatever it is you want, you just need to say the words. The downside of this is that people care more about your looks and body and are disinterested in seeing what more you can bring to the table. They misunderstand you for being a daft because you are sexy and at times you could fall into suiting their reflection of you and act blonde. You love feeling sexy and this is not something you are willing to give away for what people misjudge you for.

Mostly E’s: Lillian Muli - Citizen TV anchor

So many things have been said about you but clearly you are not one to be out down easily, but of course you are a goddess! You are aware that you have got some sexy legs that must be seen. You know people have their eyes on your body, you flaunt it leaving men go wild and thank them with a warm smile. You love your make-up and long weaves too and nothing will change that.

Mostly F’s: Vivian – Kenyan singer

What are you, really? Many people try to figure out but they have not come close. You appear calm and sweet but there is something behind that face. You can be calm this minute and be all tough and driven in the next. Your subtle and soft innocent expressions of your face make you a fascinating one to look at. Your style is controlled and sensual; you are not one to apply lots of makeup or over-accessorise. You are fond of a relaxed look that oozes classic elegance.
You can handle criticism with strength and charisma. As much as you have a strong personality hidden behind a gentle and intense face, there are the bad days and the good thing with you is that you can hide it with that innocent face. You are a sexual being too who has a passion for intense adventures.

Mostly G’s: Talia Oyando - Radio presenter

You have to look good, there are no two ways about it. You are determined to stay fit and maintaining your enviable body so much that some of your hobbies revolve around that. You flaunt what you’ve got in ways that leave men salivating and calling out your name but quickly letting them know that you are taken. Your intention is not to tease these men but to pride yourself in what you own. You are confident about yourself and do not let people define for you who you are. You get experimental with your hair.

Mostly H’s: Pierra – Female DJ

Your style continues to evolve over the years. It seems there is not a style under the sun that you can never rock. And really, your body can rock anything. You have become a trendsetter in your own right and an idea to start your own clothing line has crossed your mind. You always look your best outdoors that people believe you are flawless.

Mostly I’s: Ajuma Nasenyana – Kenyan actress

You are Miss Everything Black living in her own dark world. Black lips, eyes, clothes, nails and you even dyed your black hair darker. You are the type who can let out a sharp scream when you see colourful clothes. You adore piercings in odd places, metallic jewellery, fantastic dresses with feathers and laces, shirts with morbid illustrations and boots. You are not one to smile to people.

Mostly J’s: Sharon Mundia - Kenyan blogger

You have a desirable and sophisticated fashion sense. Even with all that sophistication, you still come off as cool and laidback. ‘What’s the secret?’, people wonder. You dress very sexily but you are not one to show a little too much. You do not take life seriously. You find your own way to enjoy it and this positive vibe going on has made you an attraction. You are not one to reveal too much about yourself and you keep your distance, therefore remaining a puzzle.