Sassy Cece Sagini reveals she is dating popular city photographer Victor Peace

Cece is a Kenyan musician soon to release an E.P     Photo: Courtesy

Pulse: We love your new single, Feel It. We are guessing we will hear your next single next year as that has been the trend...
Cece: (Laughs) I promise this time you will hear more of me. I will not disappear on you. I have an E.P coming out with about six singles and I am hoping to do a concert sometime this year.

P: That is a promise, right? Will the concert be a solo show like what Elani had last year at Impala Grounds?
C: Not quite. That was a bit dramatic, ambitious and totally awesome. Mine will be a smaller concert and Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Centre would be a good venue.

P: The genius use of lighting to bring out the dark scenes in the video makes Feel It outstanding. What was the whole concept of the video?
C: Wow, thanks. Most people just tell me it’s fine and that’s that. Well, the video has snippets of my trip to Israel. We wanted it to have an international appeal with international quality, while at the same time keeping it subtle and mysterious by having the dark scenes.

P: What was the Israel trip about?
C: I had been invited to perform at a concert targeting the African-American migrants living and working there. We were with a number of artistes from Kenya as well, including Mercy Myra. It was such an amazing experience. The audience was like ‘Africa is so undiscovered’. They had the time of their lives, as did I.

P: Was professional photographer Victor Peace involved with the Feel It video as claimed?
C: No. It was a video producer called Moses. He is really amazing. Victor did the photos. We all sat down and came up with the concept.

P: Well, you are dating Victor Peace, right?
C: Why do you want to put me on the spot like that? You are normally supposed to ask me if I’m seeing someone then I give something along the lines of ‘I like to keep my personal life private...’

P: Well, we figured. So you two are dating, we presume?
C: Let’s just say that there is someone.

P: Tell us about him... this someone, Victor?
C: We were friends for some time before we started dating. We have been dating for a month now. He expressed interest and I was like ‘yeah’. There could definitely be more to our relationship than taking photographs.

P: He expressed interest, not the other way round... are you an introvert?
C: Not quite. I am an extrovert. My friends know me better. It’s so easy to read my moods and tell what I am thinking.

P: What kind of kid were you growing up?
C: I was the jumpy kid considering I was in boarding school, which was torturous. I am the last born in a family of four girls. I used to party but not that much, nothing close to the ratchet type of partying.

P: How would you describe your music?
C: My music is urban contemporary. It has a good feel to it when it comes to the beats, which you can dance to but at the same time you get a message through the lyrics.

P: About your lyrics, what do you strive to bring out. Feel It comes out harder than your average club song.
C: I want to motivate and inspire people through my music.

P: That is cliché of most artistes. What have you personally achieved or overcome that gives you a right to stand on stage and motivate people?
C: I read books. I love The Alchemist. It makes me more self-aware and make decisions that determine my future. Through that, I get to know things about myself; what I have gone through or avoided to go through. Besides expressing these in my music I would want to become a motivational speaker in the foreseeable future.