Celebrity DADs exposed as dead beat Kenya hits the social media waves

                           Rapper CMB Prezzo Photo: Courtesy

Almost a year after controversial rapper and self-styled King of Bling, CMB Prezzo and his former wife Daisy Kiplagat officially divorced, the mother of one is back on the limelight 'exposing' the star for allegedly failing to offer child support. If the allegations are true, then Prezzo is in good company, as Pulse's SHEILA KIMANI and MKALA MWAGHESHA probe

Last week, a TV girl went to the children’s court asking that her music producer ex-boyfriend, now married to another celebrity, be compelled to give her child support for their two-year-old child.

The popular, award-winning producer has two other children with two other girls, both in their mid-twenties.

He has been working overtime to keep the story under wraps but after the TV girl sought legal redress, the third girl in the picture is now threatening to do the same in a mucky showdown that has the secular hit-maker on the run.

As Pulse started probing the soon to unfold drama last week, fresh smoke was blowing from CMB Prezzo’s house after his ex-wife, Daisy Kiplagat, went public accusing the self-styled King of Bling of failing to offer child support for their child who was born in 2009.

Daisy, who filed a case seeking divorce in May 2012 before High Court Judge Luka Kimaru, was also granted her application and the court ordered Prezzo to pay monthly upkeep of Sh50,000 for the baby. She is now alleging that Prezzo has not honoured the order.

After accusing him of adultery and physical abuse since their 2008 glitzy Karen Country Lodge wedding, last week, Daisy joined tens of disgruntled ladies who have been ranting on the popular Dead Beat Kenya Facebook page.

“You all know this monster called Jackson Ngechu Kimotho Makini aka Prezzo. I have not seen or communicated with him since my daughter was two years. I finally took him to court to pay child support and upkeep of the child and up to date hasn’t paid a dime. Not like he did when we were married,” ranted Daisy who has since been granted full custody of the four-year-old.

“He goes around on TV and since he is able to hold a mic or have fake written interviews, he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is his princess and he spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees, never paid any dime for her upkeep... all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support (sic),” she went on.

“I don’t need to communicate with him but I wanted to have this space to let you all know that this guy chooses to go around with women and lie to them how rich he is and yet he doesn’t have anything and stays at his mum’s house. So when you all hear how he loves his daughter, please don’t be fooled.”

Sounding really jilted, the otherwise limelight-shy Daisy went ahead to allege that the celebrated star goes around borrowing money from women in the name of their child.

“He borrows money from women. I don’t know how many lies he tells them but once I got called by a girl when my daughter was two years and she told me that he borrowed money to pay my daughters school fees,” the rant continued.

Since Daisy went to court saying she had evidence that Prezzo had committed adultery with various women and particularly a former model, Joy Wanjohi, the relationship between the two has been bad and they don’t see eye-to-eye.

Even after the post last week, Prezzo has tried to steer off the matter saying he does not want to be dragged into it.

“My family issues and other private matters must just remain that. What I do in public has nothing to do with my baby and I won’t be pressurised to answer back since this is not a public matter. You can ask me about music and my showbiz life which is an open book, but not these social showbiz shenanigans,” Prezzo told Pulse when reached for comment.

In fact, during an interview with another publication, the My Gal rapper claimed that he realised that some of the women who had posted on the Dead Beat Kenya page needed help, adding that he would start his own social platform to assist them.

The trending Facebook page may have triggered a new wave in relationship related matters, seeming to offer an avenue for women to vent. They are now using the site as a public court where they can wash their dirty linen. However, there is nothing new about celebrities being caught in such situations, indeed young girls have claimed to have borne children sired by public figures.

As a matter of fact, in the past, local musicians, actors and the like have come out making claims that they have fathered children with women who are not their girlfriends or even wives.

Sometimes, the allegations made by some of the women have been turned out to be sour grapes by wannabe lovers whose quick flings with celebs ended up bearing no fruit. Others are false accusations by disgruntled people who simply want to soil a celebrity’s name, basically to hurt their careers.

Recently, after announcing his departure from Grandpa Records, Kidis of the Kamua Leo fame found himself in a tricky position after a girl went public saying she was expecting his baby.

After the girl accused him of impregnating then abandoning her, Kidis told Pulse that the forces behind the new drama could have originated from Grandpa Records, claims that the stable denied.

“I was truly shocked when Refigah told me that he had received a letter from the girl’s lawyer accusing me of failing and neglecting to take responsibility and refusing to assist or maintain the girl. Why would Refigah be contacted on such a personal, private and sensitive matter?” Kidis posed when Pulse did a follow up interview at the time.

“It is true that I know the girl. It is true that we had sex and it is also true that we have talked about the allegations she made that she was pregnant my baby. But how come no one is asking me to share my side of the story,” he told Pulse bitterly during the interview.

It was then that the singer declared that he indeed had a baby but it was with another woman whom he has been secretly dating.

“Taking care of a baby who is mine can’t be an issue. I am a father and I can’t deny a child who is mine. Besides, somebody needs to know the truth about all this,” he said, adding that his accuser was only trying to use his celebrity status for her own selfish gains.

According to Kidis, the said girl whom he met through Facebook had sex with him after two of them became acquaintances. He said she was simply seeking the limelight, noting that before meeting her, she had been a close friend to a number of celebrities among them comedians Eric Omondi and his brother Fred as well as Obina whom she spoke highly of.

In May this year, singer Kizo B was accused by Glennah, a Nairobi girl who told Pulse that the two had a baby together before the singer abandoned her.

When Pulse called Kizo B to get to the heart of the matter, the singer tried to deny it, before getting cornered and almost admitting to the relationship.

“So who is Sheryl’s mother? It’s not Glennah?” we pursued after Kizo B admitted that he had a baby with another girl.

“I used to date the mother of my child but we were not compatible, and her behaviour was not what I can tolerate in a woman. I did not know I had a child at the time we parted ways. It was only a few years later that I knew I have a daughter and I have been supporting her. There is no way I can deny my own daughter for she is everything to me,” he explained.

Also on the list of celebrities who are said to have children outside their known relationships is rapper Rabbit, him of the Ligi Soo fame.

The star is said to be responsible for singer Sage’s baby. Claims also have it that he is in the same situation with singer Felly Owiti, his fiancée and girlfriend of four years. Sage and Felly both gave birth early this year, weeks apart. According to a source, Felly was not impressed with Rabbit’s shenanigans.

“She is not happy with how Sage is pretending to be the main lady in Rabbit’s life when in essence, she is engaged and even spotting a ring,” the source said.

“What they (Rabbit and Sage) had was a casual thing that eventually bore a kid but there is nothing much in it,” added the source.

Then there is Obina, the bad boy of Kenyan comedy who is said to have sired children with several women. The mohawked comedian was bound for controversy ever since he hit the scene with a radio show on Nation FM.

A lady by the name Charlotte accused him of impregnating then abandoning her. According to the lady, they met in January 2009 while they were both still in high school.The love affair, brewed in Kisumu’s Makongeni estate was a hush-hush affair with only his cousins and a few of her friends in the know. Charlotte claims their relationship led to the birth of a daughter in November of 2010.

The comedian, who has not denied fathering three kids with different women, is proud of his fruit, exposing the three to the public glare through his social media accounts. In a photo montage he posted this year, the caption read;

“Wanna know why a work so hard? They are the reason... Luironne, Briana and Laleiti... Love you peeps! #factis, I am your papa... lemme give you the life I never had. #my family.”

Are we forgetting Labalaa, him of the Wakamba Wawili fame? It was in November 2012 when the gifted rapper welcomed his third child. Before that he had a child, Imran, from his relationship with showbiz girl Nimmo Futiristic, also a one-time radio host and hip-hop lover.