Is Brenda Wairimu Pregnant?

inset actress Brenda and Rapper Juliani [Photo: File]

The good news, that celebrity lovebirds Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are back together was received with joy; at least, if not by everyone, by the media. These two have a way with paparazzi; it’s like having our own Jay Z and Beyoncé for an assignment.

The announcement came three months ago after which the two appeared together in public during Juliani’s album launch where Juliani gave Brenda a public big up.

But that was three months ago and since, a lot has happened if the news on the street holds any truth.

It all started with a simple rumour; that the two had moved in together and were already trying to formalise their relationship. However, some few days ago, Pulse was to learn that Brenda left Nairobi quietly, relocating to her parents’ Coastal residence. Even though there is nothing untoward about her moving back to Mombasa, the timing; that it comes after the Juliani re-union triggered speculation and so after one of Brenda’s close friends alluded that the young beauty is heavy with child.

The speculations were further fuelled by the fact that the usually bubbly and gorgeous Brenda went quiet on social media, something that is so uncharacteristic of her. The last photo on Instagram is on one she took with Juliani when they got back together.

What has been amazing is the seemingly little acting career progress in the rather talented Brenda’s life for the last one year. This has been one of her most inactive acting seasons since she joined the industry sometime back.

Working under her charity stable B-Dazzle, Brenda joined a nationwide reading campaign dubbed Start a Library as the movement’s ambassador but has since gone slow on it. Her Cancer charity project has also been dormant.

A source close to the enviable beauty, who sought anonymity, claimed that she is three months pregnant, allegations Pulse could not confirm.

“She had to go home to keep away from the judgmental media which only seeks to get news even from personal stories,” the friend claimed. “Then again, she needed space and peace of mind to figure out how to disclose the news to the baby daddy. At one point she even asked for my advice on what she should do about this entire situation,” claimed the source.

When Pulse reached Brenda for comment, in shock, she sought to find out who was propagating the news to the media before she could comment.

After a long tag and finally realising that we were not in a position to compromise our source, she gave what sounded like a witty giggle before saying; “That’s funny”.

The rather socially cagey actress could not confirm nor deny the rumours and after minutes of taking us round, insisting that she wanted to know who our source had been, all in vain, she hang up the phone. Her phone immediately got switched off. Our efforts to get Juliani to comment were futile as his phone went unanswered.

The new development comes after a breakup that led to Juliani admitting that the love affair had hit a dead end.

“We were hardly getting time to blossom the affair, since each of us was pushing the end of their careers,” Juliani is quoted as having said.

Back then, the actress was being linked to a Nigerian celebrity, claims she refuted saying she wasn’t dating the said man.