Kenyan comedian suspected to be losing his mind

                      Comedian Aiyeya       Photo: Courtesy


The post on Facebook by Esther Kahuha, an actor formerly of Wingu La Moto caught our attention.

“I want to believe that everyone flips at one time and behave funny but do we post that you have gone nuts…”

Esther is also a former actor with Ayeiyaa Poa Poa at Heartstrings and she was tellingly commenting on Ayeiyaa’s mental situation after reports that he had become mentally unsound.

Whatever the case, a visit to the comedian’s Facebook page revealed nothing out of the ordinary besides post after post with reference to God, salvation and repentance giving off an indication that he may be a recent convert.

Making his TV debut on the Churchill show, the Heartstrings actor soon became a household favourite marked by his hooks, funny jokes, briefcase prop and the newsboy cap that became part of his trademark gear. After a hiatus from the Churchill show that raised eyebrows, he termed his break as a strategy to work on personal projects.

“Churchill is a great platform but I want to push my own brand in my own platform, which will also help me mentor other guys, which I think is lacking,” he said sometime early this year in response to his prolonged absence from the show.

He maintained a low profile, acting at the National Theatre and appearing in comedy nights around the city, he came under the spotlight last week but for curious reasons. The grapevine round town has it that the talented funny man has lost his mind and to support this claim, a video of him ‘preaching’ while seating on the tail gate of a Pickup at the Rongai Uchumi was nothing short of shocking. With what looks like sackcloth round his waist, one Moha tries to calm the actor down getting into an embarrassing feud before the video ends.

“He’s not insane. He is just saved but to the extreme. But also something could be off because he takes mogoka, which may affect him. I can’t confirm whether he smokes something but what I know is he needs help and as friends we will do that,” MC Jesse lends his opinion when sought for comment.

An insider and close associate of the comedian echoed the same sentiments, stating that he was in deed acting weird which led to many people interpreting it as insanity.

“What I know is that he used to smoke something being a diehard reggae fan. He loves to chew a lot of miraa so I am guessing zimemurarukia (the side effects are kicking in hard after weed use)”

After he showed signs that raised concern his colleagues and sister took him to hospital last week on Tuesday but AKA was not cooperative and refused to be tested, claiming he was OK.

“He is being monitored by several friends and his sister just in case something happens because he is acting strangely perhaps from depression.

He recently got a wife and child and his financial situation isn’t good so that may be contributing to his stress besides the fact that he says he is now saved,” a renowned comedian reveals, while seeking anonymity.

“I hope he gets it together because he had a deal with a radio station that he was to sign, now I don’t know how that will go with his current situation,” he goes on to add.

Sending mixed signals to those who have recently been in his company, the actor will be caught making statements like; ‘tunang’ang’ana sana kumake brand yetu tunasahau brand ni ya God’ (We are working very hard to make our brand, we forget God’s brand) while chewing miraa. Chipukeezy a close of friend of his sees the situation differently.

“I’ve decided to ignore that story because as far as I know, he’s OK and I am not in a standpoint to clarify anything. They are rumors. I saw him three weeks ago we were doing a heartstrings play together and he was fine,”

All efforts to meet him hit the wall but if the phone conversations we had are anything to go by, the actor sounds like someone in a journey of salvation, occasionally throwing in one or two scriptures with his final remark being, ‘All help comes from God don’t place your hope in men’ before ending our conversation.

Taking this matter as a family, his colleagues and friends in the industry have joined forces to assist however possible.

“We have called him back and he will always be welcome to Laugh Industry. At the moment he said he is working on some projects but the door is always open for him. Whatever he is going through as Laugh Industry we are here for him and we will help,’’ Ken Waudo, a director, remarks.