Dangerously in love

                             Sumu la penzi cast           Photo: Courtesy

Madam Ama

Meet Ama the pimp who refers to herself as a businesswoman running a high-end restaurant catering to high profile clients in the suburbs. Well armed with a loose tongue that can take the devil back to his hole, she gives men what they really want, if you catch the drift. Starting out as a call girl herself, she swore to start her own brothel and become a better madam as she recruits underage girls for


Growing up in the slums of Huruma, Naomi Ng’ang’a’s  resilience and persistence took her to great heights.

“I know of an Ama, in real life. I met her in Hurligham and she tried to pimp me out but she didn’t know I knew what she was all about. They exist and it’s true pimping happens. Such women charge Sh10,000 per girl

— for an hour

— for sexual exchange with her clients so imagine how much she makes per day,’’ she says, adding that she can’t be a pimp.

Her aggressive nature and business mindedness are some of the few traits she also shares with Ama, considering her journey and the projects she’s involved in.



Played by celebrated singer and actress Avril, Eva is dating a married man, and has had a daughter with him. She is drowning in delusions, believing that the man is in love with her and will leave his wife for her. And her best friend Mariam is the sexy, classy go-getter who is dating three men at a go. She is the envy of every girl in town, a master of the game who is living the dream life. So would Avril steal people’s men in real life?

“No, never. This is me in a character, trying to pass a message.”



Many know of a Tindi, the naïve girl from shags who comes to the city for the first time and everything is moving too fast and she does whatever it is to conform and look like a city girl until that day when everything hits the fan. The character behind is the gorgeous Joyce Maina, an international business management student at Nazarene University, while the character she plays has a secretarial degree under her belt and is living with her cousin as she looks for employment.

“I went for auditions and I got the role of Tindi the naïve upcountry girl who is easily impressed,’’ she says, smiling.

Her first ever acting role on TV, Joyce Maina is the complete opposite of her character. She is fun-loving, adventurous and the kind of girl who loves a good swim and going out.  “The village girl gets sucked into the Nairobi life,’’ she reiterates.  “It’s a very interesting plot. Her character is nothing close to mine in real life. Tindi becomes a player something I personally can’t be,’’ she informs.



This role is played by Kalasha award winning actress Sera Ndanu.

Mariam is the sexy, classy go-getter who is dating three men at a go. She is the envy of every girl in town, a master of the game who is living the dream life.

However, Sera, the acting beauty says she is nothing close to that character in real life. She, however, has a passion for the role she plays as it oozes realities of the real urban world, relationships talking.