Hottest and Sexiest showbiz girls 2013

       Model, fashionista and designer Brigid Shighadi

Sarah Hassan

Since her debut in Tahidi High, everyone has always admired Tanya for her sexy looks. Like wine, she gets better everyday. She is like a blooming flower whose sweet scent attracts all the bees to the garden. The actress transformed into a TV girl anchoring one of the most enviable shows in the land

— Mashariki Mix. She further went to get a slot to host a TV wedding show recently. So the higher she goes and the more money she makes, the higher the stakes goes. At some point, some rich boys took a bet on her. She slid away from their trap smoothly. Sarah keeps her candle glowing and until that day she will say ‘I do’, men will always dream of her.   

Bridget Shighadi

Model, fashionista and designer are simply a few of her titles but this beauty has also taken the showbiz scenes by storm. While Nick Mutuma is the lucky guy to have her for a girlfriend, Bree is a fun spirited girl and her recent feature in the coke adverts shows just that. She is a sleek chocolate beauty with a smile to kill. Her fashion sense is out of this world and her style seems borrowed from the future. She is the kind of girl you will be tempted to trade your life away for.

Brenda Wairimu

Good things come in small packages and Brenda Wairimu is a reflection of just that. Since her debut at Changing Times, she has not looked back. Impressively her growth within the acting and modeling industry is a sign that she is destined for big things. Additionally her business and charity brands are a great way through which she has purposed to give back to the society. But that is all cliché, men in this town adore Brenda, the baby faced, soft spoken flirty girl everyone want to hang around. She even attracts top CEO’s to her event. It may sound weird but every man wishes for the day her and singer Juliani will call it a day, if they ever will!

Betty Kyalo

The physically endowed KTN TV anchor was in everyone’s lips for the best part of the year. People loved her shows for her brilliant and out of the box presentation, they loved her great personality and above all they adored her beauty. Betty is one girl every man in town wanted to get a hook up with. There was no hiding it as they even came all the way to the office to look for her or her mobile number. Her little smile flattered many. Betty reigned!

Jane Ngoiri

Eloquence, charisma and beauty are the three characteristic that caps up Jane Ngoiri’s personality

— people talking. Out of public limelight, she is a laidback lady who loves her time with her close friends.

Maureen Muhia

She was the freshest face joining TV

— that was before the hot KTN Prime Time anchor Nancy Kacungira was unveiled. And while at it, by the way, do you recall Seanice Kacungira, one of the hottest chics to ever rock local radio before she relocated to her homeland Uganda. Now, Nancy is her kid sister! But well, Maureen Muhia is this girl teenagers love thanks to her Saturday showbiz show. She took over Teen Republic after the hot Anita Nderu who moved to Capital FM earlier in the year. She has a glowing face, charming smile, sheer eloquence and beauty, a package that leaves all sorts of imaginations on every young mans mind. They say Maureen dropped on earth from heaven.

Miss Karun

After she left the country to further her studies in the United States, every one grumbled. We all loved Miss Karun, for her sweet voice, baby face looks, outgoing personality, swag and above all, her unpredictability. The former Camp Mullah singing beauty is like a trophy. She is the kind of girl every man would like to take home and sit back to admire her. She is so outgoing and for that matter, all the ‘players’ in town thinks they can have her for themselves. And the waiting continues…Who will woe Miss Karun?

Victoria Kimani

She returned home from the United States early this year and immediately caught everybody’s attention with her sexy swag and sweet ballads. The singing beauty has a body to kill. And she knows it. She is the new sensation in secular music. She gets flatty on stage and always leaves men and women alike ogling. No wonder, men are not treating news of her love affair with football ace Victor Wanyama kindly. With every man wanting to get a piece of her, who wants to believe all that?

Shamim Nabil

The immediate former Miss Kenya claims her place in this top ten sexy celebs list of 2013. Ever since her reign ended earlier in the year, she has been in every beauty event; either judging or playing a key role. She is loved by almost all the hunks in the modeling and fashion world and they are always with her. However, to their confession, she is untamable. Can the real man please stand up!

Maureen Koech

Last but not least on this list is actress Maureen Koech. She commanded our living room screens with such a wooing presence as she featured in top TV drama series. She has this seductive demeanor and a baby face look to ice it. Need we say more.