Being Over 30 and single is not a crime


BY Dizzybee For Eve Woman

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been labeled an angry woman. Raise your other hand if you’re single, in your 30s, and have been termed ‘ difficult’.

See, it’s funny how people are quick to judge a single woman in her 30s, and more so, if she’s successful. I’ve seen it happen countless times to women busy minding their own business and kicking *** in whatever comes between them and what pays their bills.  What I don’t seem to get is, why the hate?

I am starting to think the society hates strong, independent women who can stand and hold on their own ground.

Men seem threatened by a successful woman who knows what she wants. What they forget is that to be successful, one has to know exactly what they want, and pursue it relentlessly.

I wonder why the same standards don’t apply to men in their 30s with the same kind of success. Instead, they’re hailed as ambitious, career-focused and smart, men who know what they want.

Whether these men are married or not, this has never been an issue. In fact, the single woman takes the blame again. They are accused of being too busy at work and not giving these men a chance to make them wives.

See, we are too quick to judge the single woman – and by we, I mean both men and women.

As long as we don’t fall in the bracket of single and unmarried, we have the right to judge and impose our own principles on those who choose a different path.

Even worse we sometimes find a way to take these women down by preying on her weakest spots – her insecurities. Some have even been labeled lesbians.

We must get back on the horse and take a stand. There is nothing wrong with being single, over 30, female, and even successful. You define and make yourself. It’s time to prove them wrong.