Revealed: Actress Nana Gichuru's final moments before tragic accident

Actress Nana Gichuru

On Tuesday morning Nairobi residents were treated to the shocking news of the passing on of Nana Gichuru in a grisly accident involving a BMW she was driving along the Eastern by-pass at Utawala.

“She had taken 4 months leave from KQ where she works as a cabin crew and that morning together with her husband they did some exercise and she suggested since they were free they should go visit her parents in Juja,” a close relative revealed to Pulse.

The excited 28 year-old, who was to celebrate her first year wedding anniversary in a few months’ time, had also just landed a fashion show with KTN. In what remains unclear as to the state of her mind, she got into the convertible car and left the husband who got out of the shower only to discover she had left him. He tried to call her but his calls went unanswered.

Sources allege her car had scratched a Probox and in efforts to take off she rammed into the construction lorry. Her body was taken to Montezuma for post mortem with burial arrangements underway.

May her soul rest in peace.