Open server: Ugandan activist sets social media on fire with enticing offer to Kenyan men

Stella Nyanzi [Photo: Courtesy]

Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi has stirred the Kenyan social media scene after she offered herself to Kenyan men; describing her privates in amazing, alluring detail.

Nyanzi expressed her love for the country stating that she was back and hoping to bag herself a Kenyan man. Her choice of words in describing the situation ‘down there' seems to have hit the point home for many.

“Kenya has been so good to me! Is there a Kenyan living in Kenya and looking for a hot-blooded big-bust, sharp-brained, wide ****** foul-mouthed Ugandan lover? Any offers to bring me back to Kenya forever?” Posted Nyanzi.

Her forwardness does not end there. Early this year, the former Makerere lecturer confessed her undying love for Sauti Sol member, Chimano.

‘’Willis Austin Chimano’s voice is still my most favourite contemporary discovery! He is the little short guy among the wonderfully talented members of Sauti Sol. I still catch myself endlessly replaying his sections of the Sauti Sol productions. My children and I even imitate him whenever we watch music videos in which he features. Mmm, that voice is fine. And pure. And magical. And captivating. And, oh my God!’’ She posted.

But it was the replies from Kenyans on her explicit offer to men that stole the show.

Kiplimo Cheruon Thank you for visiting our great country, Stella! On love matters my fellow men here are so stressed with the level of corruption by those in power and am afraid may not rise up to the occasion due to erectile dysfunction matters. Sorry

Reuben Wamae I would take up the offer ASAP, but in Kenya, we refer to you as the only man in Uganda and gayism is not my portion.

Solomon Wambua Am sure your inbox is full of proposals by now. Kenyans love such wicked sense of guts.... remember the guy thrown out of the auditorium flexing a chest......

Carl Vohh Madam What an awesome and brilliant idea you've got. Don't come alone. Come with your daughters, your female friends, even all your female ancestors. Kenya TWAWEZA.

Eliab Muriithi Kenya is the only country where you can mine Mercury and Copper easily from sugar. We have discovered the only safe sugar are the sugar mummies and we would like to welcome you because of this. If you are not corrupt please note that is our birthmark, we want to steal everything from Kenya then sell Kenya to Chinese, the title is already there though we have still forged it so that anytime we want our country back we can have it easily. Our motto is steal anything anywhere, Jesus might becoming tomorrow and you will not have enjoyed life on earth.


Laban Ondieki There is one who is your perfect match. He is called Dr Miguna Miguna. If you two marry one another and leave in Kenya, There will be no corruption and the chief despots in Kenya will be deported to Guantanamo Bay. Congratulations in advance Dr Miguna and Dr Stella Nyasi in advance

Tsarmooel Wachira On behalf of Laikipia, a County in Kenya, we humbly reject the offer. Please try Nairobi Cunty, sorry, county; their Governor is your match.

Stella Nyanzi has been at loggerheads with her country’s government especially her distaste for the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.

Prominent this year was the case in which she was taken to court for referring to Museveni as a 'pair of buttocks'.